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And The Band Played On
And The Band Played On
Maldive Village, Seychelles
1 Jul, 19
People Go Mad In May
People Go Mad In May
Washington, DC, USA
8 May, 19


Let me start by saying this was my first solo trip out of the country and it was one of the best life experiences that I've ever had. The buildup of anticipation not knowing where in the world I was traveling, until a week before, was kinda crazy but it was all apart of the experience. It was nice communicating with the people that I was on this trip with prior to meeting them at the airport. When I finally had the chance to meet my group it was like we've known each other for years. Being a working mom, I always have to worry about planning everything out and making sure I'm one step ahead. This trip allow me to fully relax, go with the flow and enjoy the beauty of Columbia . The vibe of the entire trip was amazing and at times unexplainably beautiful. The amount of laughs and the amazing food that we ate was kind of orgasmically mind-blowing. I talked about the trip non stop for a week once I returned. I recommend anyone who is looking to create a lasting experience and has a go with the flow attitude to plan a trip and have yourself an adventure. I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. This was also my first time staying in a hostel and it was a pleasant experience. We had language exchange night, salsa night and much more. We started the trip and ended the trip with a chill night/morning on the rooftop of the hostel looking at "Keri stars" ha ha ha I must reiterate... best experience of my life!! Currently looking at my calendar to plan the next one. Xoxo
I barely have the words to describe what an incredible experience my spouse and I had in Medellín with Passport Required. We stumbled on the best local guide, took a walking tour of the city, explored the replica of the submerged town of El Peñol, climbed to the top of El Peñón de Guatapé, took a boat out with a bottle of rum, walked the colourful streets of Pueblo de Zócalos, spent every night on the hostel rooftop connecting with people from all over the world. Our boat ran out of gas and we got on the wrong train and we could never quite get to the best dessert place in town or the river in the hills when they were open, but it was all part of the adventure. And if you're looking for an adventure, this is where you'll find it. We're already planning our next Passport Required trip!
I wish I had adequate words to describe how special this trip was for me. It was the first time in my adult life that I took a vacation away from home, first time out of the country, and the first time meeting the people I would spend the next 6 days with. We went from strangers to acquaintances, from acquaintances to friends and from friends to family in what seemed like a matter of minutes. The trip was to Cancun, but we decided to explore beyond, driving to Tulum and taking a ferry to Isla Mujeres and ended up deep in the caves of Cenote Dos Ojos. The only thing we were more submerged in than the water was the culture. We let our cares be washed away by stories of the Mayans from the locals just before coming alive; singing along to songs performed by the live band at a restaurant that stole our hearts. Some of us explored salsa night and danced with the best there was in the city while others traveled to the ruins and art galleries. We sat with a mariachi, paid in pesos, had deep conversation, enjoyed the sun, lived, broke laws on go karts, jet skied, split our pants too far from home to change, were too drunk to care, spoke Spanglish, ran out of toilet paper, drove the opposite way on a one way, shopped, learned all we could, traded books, encouraged one another and enjoyed the space we were in. Brian even went fishing and caught more fish than we all knew what to do with. That night we feasted because the restaurant offered to prepare it for our last night together. It was everything. When I close my eyes I can still see the clear blue water that quenched my soul. Picking at the peeling skin on my nose satisfies me. I'm reminded that I couldn't stay out of the sun. This trip opened my eyes to new possibilities. It inspired me. It exposed me to a community I never knew existed. It led me to people who knew what they wanted out of life and ignited that within. It also reintroduced me to pieces of myself. It brought me stories of brokenness and waves of healing, more laughter than I thought possible and beauty beyond measure. If you're on the fence about pulling the trigger on the trip you have in mind, just let yourself go. You may be surprised to discover that what you're looking for from your life may be on the other end of that affirmative decision.
By Erica Teamer for People Go Mad In May on 23 May, 19
Day 5 finale: time is filled with swift transitions. I’m the captain of my soul, in the captain of my fate. #PassportRequired Cancun was one of my best travel experiences of my life. Expecting the unexpected, traveling with strangers who become Framily, and taking time to just step away from all that life can bring you in any given day. I began my day with my new framily and I ended my day with family for Mother’s Day. I’ll see you again soon #PassportRequired if anyone wants to have an amazing experience with Passport Required check out the Facebook page, IG account, or you can just purchase gift certificates for me to travel and I’ll promise to post and share.
I have been following Darnell’s travel group Passport Required for a few years. Like many people, I was filled with the desire to go but kept by the fear of the unknown. Here my words: SCREW YOUR FEAR! This was the most amazing trip I have taken. The dynamic of meeting people for the first time, to getting to know someone you have never met is phenomenal. What I love most that passport required wants you to be a traveler not a tourist. Immerse yourself in the culture. This will not be my last trip!
As my 2nd PR trip, I couldn’t be more pleased. The best way to enjoy these trips is to just show up with the mindset that every day will be a great day no matter the journey. One of the best ways to enjoy these trips is to have little expectation and you will find an abundance of happiness. Embrace the people around you, step outside your comfort zone and you will walk away with friends for life and most of all...love. Love of travel, love of people and love of life. This won’t be my last trip.


Wow Wow Wow! So far, I’ve been on 3 Passport Required trips, two led by Darnell Lamont Walker and one led by Trip Facilitator, Staci, and I look forward to going on so many more. Each trip was better than the previous, and in each group of travelers, I’ve made lifelong friends. Passport Required did a great job letting us travelers know exactly what to expect with each trip, and a great job making sure, as they say, no room is left for regret. I’m sad to read the review just below mine left my Lamesha Miles. I was a traveler on that trip, and none of that was my experience. Darnell’s response to Lamesha posted on PassportRequired.Com pointing out why her review is flawed. It didn’t take long to understand that she arrived to the airport with an already negative attitude, and maintained that attitude throughout the trip. Speaking for myself and the others on that trip I’ve spoken with since, that was an unforgettably beautiful and outstanding trip. I highly recommend Passport Required for all people who are open to adventure, open to meeting new people, and open to living colorfully and beautifully. Thank you. Allison.
By allison wagner on 14 Mar, 19