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Art + Justice + Play
Art + Justice + Play
Johannesburg, South Africa
31 Jul, 19
Mandela 2 Mandela Walk
Mandela 2 Mandela Walk
Johannesburg, South Africa
21 Jul, 19
Art + Justice + Play
Art + Justice + Play
Johannesburg, South Africa
22 Jun, 19
Imara Retreat 2019
Imara Retreat 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa
24 Mar, 19


We enjoyed the food and visiting Soweto however we didn’t feel that it was a good idea to introduce our selves to everyone for the tour guide as we had already done this before we arrived and we were about to eat and in a busy restaurant and the family felt uncomfortable doing this, We all felt that 3625 rand for 5 of us was not good value for money as we had to pay for our own taxi ride on the tour and also use a separate car so our family was split up. The price we paid was supposed to include transport which was untrue . The 2 guides that we met at Soweto were also not included in our trip as we were asked to also pay for these by donation a tip . The soul guide was friendly but was only able to share basic information about Soweto and she relied on the other 2 guides we met that wanted donations to do most of the talking so she was more an accompanying us rather then a guide. My children were in the other car so had no guide in their sat so had no benefit so missed out. In comparison We paid for a half day lion Safari including pick up and drop off and lunch for far less then we paid this trip so over all we were very disappointed and emailed to ask for some compensation but we had no response so can not recommend this type of trip .
Amazing experience. The Constitution Hill tour was my highlight of the day with Lwando as our very dynamic guide. Her passion and knowledge and delivery made for a riveting experience. Even though I don't drink alcohol however the trip to the gin distillery was quite an experience. i learned so much about the industry. And I was just as giddy from the experience as the drinkers because of the company of my fellow soul travellers. Awesomeness. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. A special thanks to the soul connector Xoliswa . You guys rock! Zanele M.
Absolutely phenomenal! I left this tour feeling rejuvenated, enriched, and more informed about the history, politics, and current events in Johannesburg. I’m used to traveling and exploring on my own, but to be able to experience SA through a local lens was totally worth the experience. Also, the three course meal was impeccable!!!! And I was blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of the amazing lady that founded the first Gin distillery. I’m inspired to be more proactive about finding curated travel experiences and I feel more empowered as someone who is looking to delve into social entrepreneurship myself.
This Experience was well coordinated. The Tour Guide was exceptional, well informed and very good with the guests. The group was multi-cultural, multi-generational and diverse. The transitions between all activities was smooth and seamless. Soul Traveller is one of the few Tour companies that know what they are doing. The energy was great right until the end. We are looking forward to another Soul Traveller Experience. WELL DONE!!! 13/10
Amazing Day! Greatest experience ever, so informative and eye opening with Lwando.... Brilliant Tour guide Xoliswa who knows her stuff, pure genius! Best choice of restaurant "Food I Love You" Well done Soul Traveller!!! You are the best...
We went on the road with a group with great people with interest in each other and the info shared. Interesting sites. Only the prison (ConHill) story was too elaborate for me. Gin tasting was fun and at good site. Organization perfect and enthusiastic!
The Imara Retreat 2019 was a phenomenal experience. As someone who attended last year's retreat, I knew TCG would create a great experience but they exceeded my expectations. It was clear that every single detail had myself and the other attendees in mind. It created space for me to reclaim parts of my soul. I encourage any woman seeking to have a transformational, uplifting, soul soothing experience with other powerful women, to not look no further than the Imara retreat. It's pure gold. -Camille Thomas
By Camille Thomas for Imara Retreat 2019 on 15 Apr, 19
The best experience ever! Thank you for providing wonderful service and accommodations. I will remember this life changing trip to South Africa forever! Crystal Lee Brown
By Crystal Brown for Imara Retreat 2019 on 14 Apr, 19
We had a wonderful time. Everything was well coordinated and the staff was very friendly. I would travel with this group again
By Rakhara Edwards for Imara Retreat 2019 on 10 Apr, 19
WE had a BLAST! will recommend this travel group to anyone looking for a real experience with excellent tour guides and destinations.
By CLAIRE BRADLEY for Imara Retreat 2019 on 10 Apr, 19
This trip was exactly what I needed. An opportunity to meet new women in a conducive environment. We shared great memories, made new memories together and experienced this with great tour guides who carefully crafted an insightful and thoughtful package that included amazing food and great historic content that left my mind reeling. I had an absolutely amazing time and I will forever value this trip and everyone who worked tirelessly in the background to ensure its success.
By Samantha Mogwe for Imara Retreat 2019 on 10 Apr, 19
1. Life changing 2. Educational 3. Inspirational 3. Conformational 4. Evolutionary 5. Necessary All involved were a blessing to be surrounded by. Meeting my sisters in Africa. Connecting with them, feeding my soul with them, laughing while drinking wine with them, crying while healing with them was a true manifestation of my deepest desires. With this I am complete!!! Love you all dearly...Tiyani aka Archelle-Monique bka Chez
Everything about the IMARA experience was PHENOMENAL!! Thank you for partnering to create an amazing experience.
By Felicia Davis for Imara Retreat 2019 on 9 Apr, 19
I wouldn’t call IMARA a trip. It was more of a revelation journey. With the help of some beautiful and powerful Africa women, we were able to complete unravel and experience a voyage like no other!
This Imara Retreat 2019 was beyond words and must be experienced to understand. Thank you for lifelong memories that will be cherished.
AMAZING! truly life changing and exceeded my expectations on every level. If you are ready for a change in your life or ready to change someone else's life then this retreat is for you! My cup is so full and I am forever grateful to Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth for finding The Colored Girl and sharing with the world. Let's go IMARA 2020!
By Tei Pascal for Imara Retreat 2019 on 2 Apr, 19
A very special day, well organized and expert guiding. Authentic experience in with the right balance of guiding, good food and experiences.