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To me this trip was like I was going home with two friends (Davida and Mika). After this trip I now have so many high expectations of how I want to travel in the future. This trip was perfectly planned out and it met all my wants and needs in just 7 days. We partied, we brunched, we were educated, we got in a workout at the National Park, we ate good, and shopped. I highly recommend this trip to anyone experiencing Africa or Ghana for the first time.
There are no words that express how amazing this trip was! Not sure what I was expecting but I went in with an open mind and I enjoyed every minute of it! Davida and her KLA team planned everything out perfectly. I felt like I got the true Ghanian experience. Local food, local shopping and Albert (he was great at taking care of all us!) I will definitely be going back again. Although it was the Year of the Return, I still enjoyed everything despite the larger crowds. I was already going before the president even announced the Year of the Return.
This was an amazing experience! Davida thoughtfully curated every detail of such a memorable trip. There was a perfect balance of time for culture, history, turn up and chill. We partied and ate at some of the top destinations in and around Accra. I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore Ghana through the eyes of and alongside it's beautiful people. I truly felt welcomed and at home and am excited to visit again. I'm also blessed to have made new friends!
The KLA Goes to Ghana trip was one of the BEST experiences of my life! It was great to see and experience Ghana from different angles and the KLA team made sure the group got a fully-immersed experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the trip and there are truly no words to fully express my experience but, I would definitely go again!!!
I had a great experience. Davida and Mika were terrific host and very accommodating! I never had a worry the entire trip! Would definitely join them on another travel!!
An awakening! My trip with KLA was an experience of a lifetime. This was my first group trip, and I felt that the hostesses curated activities that totally aligned with the type of traveler that I am. I commend them on the support they are funneling to the Ghanaian economy and the overall awareness they are raising to see Ghana as a vacation destination. I definitely intend to return to Ghana in the future and I wouldn't hesitate one minute to book a return trip with KLA.
Amazing. Transformative. Fun. Exceptional. Flexible. Davida and Mika provide their guests with a V.I.P., basically expense free experience in Ghana. The perfect mix of cultural, touristy, and down home experiences makes KLA a premier travel company. Pairing up with local young entrepreneurs ensures continued success and longevity. This will not be my last trip with KLA.
We had a wonderful trip! Davida and team are excellent with paying attention to details. They have staff in Ghana that is quick to respond to any request and need. Everyone is very helpful. Ghana and Ghanaians are the best!
Trip of a LIFETIME! I had a wonderful time visiting Accra, Ghana with KateLynn & Adwoa travel team. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate delicious food, experienced Ghanaian culture through festivals, markets, tours, driving through the streets (haha) rainforests, beaches; and, danced the nights away. I would definitely visit Ghana with the travel hosts again! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!