This trip was epic! I enjoyed every moment of it. There was a great variety of activities on the itinerary. There was a balance of cultural, adventurous, relaxing, trendy and chic experiences. Davida and Mika curated a trip that was memorable and immersed the group in the Ghanaian culture. The cuisine was delicious and the nightlife was sexy and fun. I would definitely travel with KLA again.
By Sophia D for GOING TO GHANA FOR NEW YEARS - DEC 2021 -Music Festival Season on 13 Jan, 2022
The KLA G to G trip was amazing, everything I wanted and more! The best parts were the curation of each event and the other participants who made it the trip of a lifetime. Special shout to Davida and her COO, Albert! Was such a great time!
By Dionne T for GOING TO GHANA FOR NEW YEARS - DEC 2021 -Music Festival Season on 13 Jan, 2022
I cannot adequately put into words how absolutely PHENOMENAL the December 2021 Ghana trip was! In fact, even calling it a "trip" feels like such an understatement. From all sides, this was a complete experience. Going to Ghana created space and opportunity for me to reconnect with parts of me that I didn't realize I'd lost. I'm appreciative of the intentionality with which the KLA team planned this trip. They genuinely thought through all components of what travelers would want to see, do, feel, taste, touch...such an immersive experience in every way. To anyone who might even have a passing consideration for this experience, gift yourself this trip to Ghana. You will not regret it.
By LaRhonda J for GOING TO GHANA FOR NEW YEARS - DEC 2021 -Music Festival Season on 12 Jan, 2022