To me this trip was like I was going home with two friends (Davida and Mika). After this trip I now have so many high expectations of how I want to travel in the future. This trip was perfectly planned out and it met all my wants and needs in just 7 days. We partied, we brunched, we were educated, we got in a workout at the National Park, we ate good, and shopped. I highly recommend this trip to anyone experiencing Africa or Ghana for the first time.
By LaToya L for DEC. 2019 KLA Goes to Ghana | The Ultimate Ghana Experience on 16 Jan, 2020
There are no words that express how amazing this trip was! Not sure what I was expecting but I went in with an open mind and I enjoyed every minute of it! Davida and her KLA team planned everything out perfectly. I felt like I got the true Ghanian experience. Local food, local shopping and Albert (he was great at taking care of all us!) I will definitely be going back again. Although it was the Year of the Return, I still enjoyed everything despite the larger crowds. I was already going before the president even announced the Year of the Return.
By Ashley K for DEC. 2019 KLA Goes to Ghana | The Ultimate Ghana Experience on 15 Jan, 2020
This was an amazing experience! Davida thoughtfully curated every detail of such a memorable trip. There was a perfect balance of time for culture, history, turn up and chill. We partied and ate at some of the top destinations in and around Accra. I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore Ghana through the eyes of and alongside it's beautiful people. I truly felt welcomed and at home and am excited to visit again. I'm also blessed to have made new friends!
By Natalie D for DEC. 2019 KLA Goes to Ghana | The Ultimate Ghana Experience on 13 Jan, 2020