I had a wonderful time! The booking process was so easy and any questions I had was answered right away. Accommodations was 5-star all the way. I met some great people along the way, that we will forever be travel buddies. The food was so tasty and endless lol. I'm sure Ms. Di and Promoters United had no control over the weather, but you could've fooled me; it was beautiful the whole time. I will be traveling again and I will tell a friend.
Awesome! Had a great Time with everyone.
I had a blast with Diana Hayes and the Promoters United Family. Looking forward to many more amazing and fun trips to create long lasting memories. Thank you for everything Queen Diva Diana 😘💖🙏🏽
I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. I look forward to next time. Dubai up next!
By Diana on 18 Nov, 2020