This great adventure was fantastic on so many levels!!! The knowledge I gained about the environment and all the beings that populate the earth. is invaluable. My awareness has expanded hugely and I feel very humbled by this great experience in which I deeply connected with others, gained a renewed respect and appreciation for our planet and personally opened my heart and mind. Both Diana and Charity were masterful in creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and to be vulnerable. Loved the meditation and yoga, the food was superb, very comfy accommodations, the property was gorgeous. I so respect everyone who works at the animal sanctuary and their dedication to an immensely important cause.
By Dina lisha for Awakening Retreat on 24 Apr, 2019
Charity & Diana seamlessly adapted the retreat in response to inclement weather, providing a warm and grounding space, delicious meals, and 2 beautiful yoga and meditation practices. Both teachers facilitated mindfulness during our 10-mile hike and dune restoration the following day, with gentle, subtle reminders that helped to take the practice "off the mat". Thoughtful present teachers, a beautiful location in Pt. Reyes and delicious vegan meals... What more could you want?
I've been practicing yoga and backpacking for over 10 years but have never enjoyed them together and didn't fully understand how intertwined the activities were until this trip, which deepened my love and appreciation for both. Diana is one of the best yoga instructors I've ever had - her knowledge of the body and mind is vast, her instructions are purposeful and practicing with her is energetic and challenging. Duncan's lessons on minimalist backpacking and venturing off trail have changed my approach to nature forever. I am so thankful for whatever force brought these two wonderful human beings together because their combined love for nature, life and yoga is infectious - you will come out of this experience inspired and re-charged (and maybe a little sore).
By Nina Parikh for Yoga + Backpacking Level 2 on 02 Aug, 2018