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I decided to visit the Galapagos Islands in January of 2020 at pretty much the last minute, so I contacted Diego Altamirano at Barefoot Expeditions for help in getting it organized. I met him about 5 years ago, and was happy to have his guidance in doing this tour. He knows the islands well, and was able to arrange great tours for me using a combination of an 8 day boat tour on the Beagle and a 4 day island hopping tour based out of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal). I was able to see and get close to all the varieties of land and water animals that Galapagos is famous for, experienced the amazing variety of habitats and geology on 7 of the islands in the archipelago, and met a wonderful variety of people along the way. Accommodations were perfect, weather was very nice, and Galapagos is simply amazing. There is just no other place like it that I know of. Diego and Barefoot Expeditions have a great deal of experience organizing tours of the Galapagos Islands. Diego knew the tours, tour operators and hosts personally, and he provided a wonderful customized experience of the islands for me. I do not know how it could have been any better; it was simply fabulous! Highly recommend Barefoot Expeditions!
By John Guetter on 16 Feb, 2020