The trip to Cuba was a wonderful experience. Mike and Doretha did a wonderful job in planning this trip, from the accommodations, transportstion, tour guide, etc. They thought of evetything, and I never felt lost or unsafe. The food was great and the travel group was one of the best I've been with. I'm ready for the next trip! Thanks for everything. I enjoyed it all!
By Margaret L for Travel w/Mike & Dee! on 14 Jan, 2020
Cuba was amazing! This trip was such an everything experience. Our group has the awesome opportunity to visit museums, historic and cultural environments, and if course we enjoyed meeting all the beautiful people. Osman, our lead tour guide was a wealth of knowledge, and he seemingly taught us EVERYTHING about his country. I can't wait to figure out a plan to bring a student group soon!
By Lauren P for Travel w/Mike & Dee! on 13 Jan, 2020
On the second to last day of our Cuba excursion, Mrs. White asked us to humor her by playing an ice breaker. Now that I look back on it, I find it funny that we would be asked to partake in the age old first-day-of-school activity because of the White's background in education. We were asked various questions, but the one that stuck with me is how we knew the couple. Before the trip, I could say that it was through the friendship my father had with Mr. White. Now, I can proudly say it was through my first international travel that I was able to interact with the two. From day one, we were all prepared on the "do's and don't's" of traveling out of the U.S. via Mrs. White's video meetings. I never once felt as if I was lacking in information. I truly felt safe in their hands. When we got to Havana, it felt easy; we were immediately introduced to the culture with our classic rides, courteous drivers, and knowledgeable tour guide. The next four days of our trip was surreal as we walked a fine line between the past and present. From the outside looking in, it seemed impossible to live between two time periods, but the colorful people of Cuba lived it effortlessly. It was amazing to see people, both who looked like me and didn't, accept me into their fold and allow me to glimpse into their everyday lives. I truly appreciate Mr. and Mrs. White for allowing me the opportunity to step outside of my country and be able to see the world.
By Jazzmine W for Travel w/Mike & Dee! on 10 Jan, 2020