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Echo Flow Yoga Advanced 200 Hour Training
Echo Flow Yoga Advanced 200 Hour Training
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
24 Aug, 19


There is so much that I can say about this teacher training and none of it would ever be enough to convey to you just how truly beautiful and amazing this experience was for me. Echo and her entire team of teachers were attentive, honest, helpful, and most of all loving each of us as a student and as human beings. No matter the tribulations we faced, they were there to always be a gentle guiding hand to each of us throughout the month of training. From the amazing location to the deep spiritual and practical knowledge shared with us, we grew in our practice and our spirituality and grew together as a group, stronger each day through love and compassion. Holding a space of safe love is and always will be, in my opinion, the best way to help humans connect with each other and allow them to learn and grow together. Thank you, Echo, Josh, Cole, Maria, Paula, and Brittany for every ounce of love, kindness, and guidance during our time together in Guatemala. I love all of you!