Past Trips


As is the nature of a retreat, the experience is often challenging to accurately depict since so much of what is felt and seen goes beyond the nature of words. That being said, I am deeply grateful for the organization and overall flow of my retreat/Noya Rao dieta that took place in Costa Rica. While I am still immersed in the integration and reflection, I know that much of what has been revealed is just the beginning. Thank you to Don Miguel, Elio, and Kara as the facilitating team that handled everything so graciously while maintaining a sacred container to release and return to the Divine within each of us. I highly recommend going through Aya Healing Retreats.
By Gregory U for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 02 Jan, 2022
I would love to say thank you for all peoples and for all maestros and all maestras, what been helping me in my healing retreat. It was the best thing what i have done in my life. Because of that i feel like new born person,thats all because of big knowledge of those whos take care of us and guided us by the right ways in retreat time, and by also my job what i have done for it. We all did amazing job and for sure i will use #AyaHealingRetreats in the future, if it will be still nessesery, because i hope for big changes for everyone. Bless you all. Order healing retreat if you have possibility and money and if you want to change and better understand yourself, dont think to long because mind will try to controll you to not do it. But i say! DO IT!! Its the best thing what you can do with life to experience it and have good care by experienced peoples 🙏😇🤍🌞🌝🔥🌟✨💥🌈🏵🧘🏼🌍❤️
By Kacper M for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 31 Dec, 2021
It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. For 10 days I stayed in a tent steps away from the river. It was a very supportive energy while moving through deep medicine work. Pure magic, from the land to the facilitators to my peers. I left these 10 days with many gifts including the ability to deeply love myself which allowed me to deeply receive and give love to others. I didn't want it to end. I look forward to working with the facilitators again later this year in Peru.
By Talib H for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 29 Dec, 2021