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Autumn Equinox Retreat
Autumn Equinox Retreat
Gainesville, FL, USA
17 Sep, 2021

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Indian Yoga Immersion
Indian Yoga Immersion
Kovalam, Kerala, India
06 Aug, 2019


AWESOME!!! What an amazing, well-organized, educational and inspirational retreat.. In modern terms, just the right balance of healthy living tips combining care of body, mind and intellect through science of Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Devotion and Self-knowledge. There was clear instruction, peaceful surroundings, nature walks and delicious food. It was impressive how efficiently the teacher (Elizabeth Henrichsen) got each attendee involved in cooking of a most delicious elaborate Ayurvedic lunch (including dessert).. The venue (Chinmaya Govardhan Ashram) was as perfect as can be thanks to Swamini Radhikananda Ji.. Swamini JI's lecture on Equanimity was the icing on the cake. What more blessings can one get in day! It was one of the best quickest decisions I have ever made. I look forward to more such events in the future. I would highly recommend such a retreat to anyone interested in Self-reliance. BLESSINGS! Thank you!!!
By Archana G for Equanimity & Balance in Daily Life -A Day Retreat of Yoga & Ayurveda on 18 Nov, 2019
Excellent, exceeded my expectations. The food alone was worth the fee to participate. The location and grounds breathtakingly beautiful
By Mary C for Equanimity & Balance in Daily Life -A Day Retreat of Yoga & Ayurveda on 18 Nov, 2019
Hi Pam, Thank you for your review and most of all for attending the retreat. We are so glad you plan on being at our next one! We appreciate your comments regarding the food and kitchen at the retreat center. The cook who was there at the time was inexperienced and has since been replaced. Past retreats have had amazing food and we are glad you pointed this out so we can do better next time!
By Elizabeth Henrichsen on 01 Jul, 2021
Lovely location, incredible participants and our loving and generous leaders. I plan on being on the next retreat. An area of improvement that might be out of your control is the food. Maybe I was expecting too much, but a more creative menu with an emphasis on organic would have been nice. Also, as a woman who spent most of my career in the food industry, more attention to cleanliness and organization is needed in the kitchen. As far as the retreat, I was delighted. A suggestion....I would like to see Elizabeth offer Ayurvedic consultations, much like Tamara’s massage offerings. And, wouldn’t it be fun to have some Tai Chi?
By Pam C for Re-Treat on 17 Oct, 2019