Past Trips


This weekend at the Spirit House was incredible. Elizabeth organized the best itinerary between group time, yoga time and alone time. She is an incredible, yoga instructor who is sweet, kind, gentle, non-judgmental and really there to assist in whatever you need. There was a great balance of planned activities vs flexibility that I appreciated. The food was outstanding and it was great to have the chefs at our disposal to ask questions to. I loved the setting, the wonderful group of women, the accommodations, activities on site (hot tub, walking trails, goats!) and most of all, re-setting and getting away. My only complaint was that it was too short! I can't wait for the next one :-)
This was a soul nurturing weekend in a beautiful setting. Elizabeth led the retreat with a compassionate, welcoming and lovely spirit. The food was nourishing and delicious, the sound healing a deeply relaxing experience, and a walk through the labyrinth was one of the highlights of the trip. I will carry this retreat in my heart, thank you to everyone who made it so special.
This was very restorative in every way. The food was heavenly and Elizabeth's beautiful energy and teaching were just as nourishing. Will definitely do a Well Within retreat again!
An amazing experience that I will always hold dear in my heart!
This was a fantastic retreat! The location is beautiful, secluded and full of vistas and winding nature trails. The balance between activities and free time is perfect and Elizabeth is a gifted instructor. The food is spectacular and healthy. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to spend a few days focusing on their health and well being. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed with a sense of peace and inner strength!
I love taking yoga classes with Elizabeth ! She is very aware of where I am at emotionally and physically and she will adjust her asanas accordingly. Always options, always checking in with oneself. I very much like that she introduces mudras and breathing practices. She is solid, earthy, and a very great person !
What a beautiful experience! Yoga with intention, beautiful and tasty food, all in a quiet forest environment. Elizabeth is a compassionate, true teacher, able to deeply connect with students. The retreat was a gift in all aspects!
Elizabeth is not only an excellent teacher who gives very clear, easy to follow instructions, but she also has a fantastic personality. Rachael's food was delicious and nutritious, and accommodations were nice. I recommend this retreat and plan on returning again.
A wonderful retreat! Beautiful, serene setting, fantastic food, and retreat leaders that went above and beyond in bringing together a group of women for celebration and renewal. The retreat time, including yoga, breath work and guided meditation was truly a gift to self!
This was a very moving, soulful experience, with a diverse, open and accepting group of women. The yoga and meditation activities were a perfect fit for me, and there was just enough free time to explore and enjoy the quiet. And...the food was awesome!