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So, I am home, and wish I could still be with our perfectly sized group, practicing everyday. It was so good to have a daily practice and with such a lovely group and with such delicious food, and in the jungle! The temperature was never too hot and the shady jungle provided a green on green heartfelt space where we could all let go and relax. There were adventures, and activities for those who wanted them, but I chose many a day, to sit by the pool and write. The pool was small, but like an oasis in the desert, all that was really needed. The catered food was fantastic; tasty and healthy and prepared by the loving hands of four locals who gave us plenty of deliciousness and also catered flexibly to our various dietary needs. Our homes were quite a variety, and tucked away on the steep hillside, so that we could hear one another laughing or singing but not the snores or a neighbor's sleepless night. I would definitely go again, and felt so taken care of by our fearless leader who kept adapting to the situation and listening to our choices. Thank you, Emily, for creating this retreat. I hope you do so again.
By connie c for Uncovering the Subtle Body on 04 Feb, 2020
Thank you for joining and being such a strong and supportive pillar in the group.
By Emily Alderaen on 06 Feb, 2020