Featured Trips

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
4 Apr, 20
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
22 May, 20
Marsala, Province of Trapani, Italy
11 Jul, 20
Kýthnos, Greece
8 Aug, 20

Past Trips

Marfa, TX, USA
16 Jan, 20
Isla Tierra Bomba, Cartageña
28 Feb, 19


I had an amazing time. Awesome venue, excellent food and nature environment. Comfortable and lovely stay. Incredible yoga twice a day. Dream trip. Thank you for such a magic experience.
By Karen Martin for PORTUGAL on 3 Sep, 19
It was fabulous! Lovely community of people, all warm and welcoming. Lots of new ideas for using props in yoga practice. Beautiful setting and stunning part of Portugal (actually featured on cover of NYT trade section today) Delicious food, relaxed atmosphere and close to incredible beaches.
By nadia Leibovitz for PORTUGAL on 3 Sep, 19
Silence is Sexy! My oyster world cried out its Pearl's like tears.
By Mark Maurice for MAJORCA, SPAIN on 17 Jun, 19
This was the best group trip I've ever been on - well organized, well structured, with every detail considered and lovingly executed. The participants were delightful and the leaders were exceptional. A+++!
Great holiday and retreat experience. Kate and Jess were fantastic teachers and "group coordinators." I really enjoyed getting to know others during relaxed meals, which went above and beyond expectations in terms of food and service. Well designed rooms were also a plus, as were the pool and beachside. Altogether, a very recommendable trip!
By Serena Weaver for COLOMBIA on 14 Mar, 19
Fantastic trip! Delicious food, great accommodations, beautiful place and couldn't have asked for better yoga!
By Sarah Schwarzbeck for COLOMBIA on 13 Mar, 19
It was an amazing trip. First - Cartagena is so beautiful - I got the best photos and I wasn't even trying. The location for the yoga retreat was perfect, the staff was wonderful, the rooms were great, and the food was incredible. It was a good balance of crazy fun when the other tourists would come in for the day, and a relaxing time during yoga in the mornings and evenings. Also, the staff was so helpful in planning fun activities like taking a boat out to other islands. The pools and beach were perfect. Also the instructors were wonderful - I couldnt have had a better birthday with you guys! Thanks so much!
By Candace Mendez for COLOMBIA on 8 Mar, 19
The best retreat ever!!! Kyle and Chloe were the best dynamic duo leading us on this trip and Emily gave the best adjustments and was so helpful overall. Marfa surpassed my wildest dreams. The art was so inspiring. The food in town was to die for. And the people were so personable. I’m still dreaming of this retreat:) Thank you Sky Ting Yoga and Love Yoga for putting this together. I had the absolute best time.
By Elizabeth Cooke for MARFA on 27 Feb, 19