This was an amazing trip! I feel that we really got to experience a lot and learn about Cuba, the history and most importantly, the people at a local level. Erin is a fantastic leader, she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend this trip and traveling with Erin!
After years of fantasizing about a family trip to Cuba, Erin made it happen. From the very beginning, she involved our family in creating a thoughtful itinerary that was educational, varied in activities, geographically diverse, and tailored to our interests. The trip was seamlessly facilitated, with Erin arranging everything from transportation throughout the island and dinner reservations, to private tours led by local guides in museums and cities. The people Erin connected us with were especially thoughtful and knowledgeable and we felt consistently that we were in the best hands. Impeccable planning and a willingness to re-evaluate the itinerary aside, Erin was wonderful to be around. She connected with each member of our family and her genuine warmth, openness, and calm energy added to our experience. We couldn't have asked for a more special trip to experience as a family. Thank you, Erin!
As Mark Twain said "I have found there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them." Traveling to a country with many issues, where the language is different than my own, with a group of people I have never met before (not even through social media) could have been a disaster. But this trip was fantastic. I was satisfied with every aspect of this educational experience, except I came home with more questions than answers. The logistics getting back home were a challenge for many so travelers should probably add another travel day to the end of their trip to accommodate the uncertainty. Otherwise, I appreciated all that Erin and Meriam from CubaConnect provided for us! Their knowledge adds a personal touch to this once-in-a-lifetime women travel experience. Thanks to Wanderful for bringing us together.
I had an amazing time. I feel like I saw everything that I wanted to see and much more! The experience was unique and I think the organization of the tour was on point. I will totally do it again!
I had a great time! Erin made the trip seamless and fun.
I had long dreamed of going to Cuba and this trip was above and beyond my expectations! Erin is not only extremely well-versed in Cuban history and culture but she also has deep personal connections within the country which opened so many windows into Havana, its history, life there today and all that is cool and new. We rode bikes in old Havana, went horseback riding at an organic farm, met top artists, one of the country's top entrepreneurs, an economist and sociologist. We took in the beauty of the old streets of the city, learned about how Cubans' lives have evolved over the years, had amazing meals everywhere we went (complete with mojitos and other delicious drinks!), and enjoyed the latest Cuban music and art as we partied at a newly-launched interactive art center. I wasn't sure about group travel as I usually don't do tours, but the other travelers were both a ton of fun and interesting, and we're still in touch! The Airbnb we stayed at was wonderful: elegant, clean, had AC and very comfortable. The staff was very sweet, helpful and reliable....and made the best breakfast! Thank you, Erin, for a magical trip, I hope I get to go back!!
Coming on this trip was definitely a dream come true. Learned so much about history, culture, and just day to day life in Cuba! It was truly a unique experience that included so many things that you couldn't just find or do by looking up on TripAdvisor. Highly recommend this!
By Ana Dominguez for Wanderful Cuba Trip on 26 Nov, 18
CubaConnect planned a thoughtful trip to Cuba, where you got a true Cuban experience. They facilitated different opportunities to meet with the locals, to experience a more genuine Cuba. I know, I would not have experienced a piece of genuine Cuba if I would have gone with anyone else! The lodgings and restaurant selection was great. Erin & Miriam are so passionate about Cuba and the Cuban people. CubaConnect provide a great, welcoming, and memorable experience!
By Kathryn Irwin for Wanderful Cuba Trip on 19 Nov, 18
The trip to Havana with Cuba Connect was incredible! Erin did a fantastic job putting together a great itinerary and preparing us ahead of time for what to expect. Many of the activities we engaged and meals we ate were off the grid and not the standard "top 10 things to see in Havana", giving us a true look into life as a local. The accommodations were very nice and through out the entire trip, I felt safe and as though I could navigate my way around the city alone if need be. Erin has many personal connections in Havana, which allowed us to hear firsthand what life in Cuba is like. We met with musicians, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, farmers, ex-pats (to name a few) and engaged with both men and women alike. This gave us perspectives we never would have heard if we travelled to Havana outside of this group setting. It was a wonderful group of women brought together by Wanderful and Cuba Connect. I am so grateful for the experience and can't wait to go back!
I’ve never immersed myself in a destination the way I’ve done during this long weekend in Cuba. The conversations with local Cubans were definitely the highlight of the trip, but each experience was so insightful to Cuban culture that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Erin did a fabulous job organizing everything and I can't wait to return to explore more of Cuba!
By Marissa Sutera for Wanderful Cuba Trip on 14 Nov, 18
CubaConnect organized a great cultural trip to Habana exposing me to different scholars and cuban nationals thru which I was able to learn about the beauty and struggles of the country and its people. This trip was well organized and offered a wide variety of activities to see the city from all perspectives and to learn about the Cuban culture and economy. Such activities included a bike ride thru the city, a tour to an organic farm-to-table restaurant and farm, art galleries and a walking tour of the city. Each activity was carefully planned for my comfort and language was never a barrier since the organizer is a great translator. I would highly recommend CubaConnect to organize your next cultural trip to Habana.