Beautiful setting. Comfortable accommodations. High quality yoga classes. A variety of choices of other activities to pick from. Flawless logistics. An amazing group of people. Overall, an unforgettable experience!
By Andrea N for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (February 2020) on 10 Mar, 2020
I really can’t tell you what a wonderful experience the retreat was for daughter and I. It was everything I expected it to be.........and more!! Hard to imagine a more perfect place to practice yoga, than at the Rancho! I revisit it in my mind often.......the sounds, the sights, the smells. I loved the trips to the beach and all the available extra activities. The food and fellowship, and even the night we all went to dinner! It was all just perfect! And Erin and Matt.......I just love you both!! So down to earth and “real”! You are an awesome teacher, Erin, and with Matt’s talents in photography and are an amazing team. Thanks for such a memorable week.?
By Kelly S for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (February 2020) on 06 Mar, 2020
I cannot stop talking abut what an amazing week I had on this retreat. It provided me with some much needed self care so I could come home and be a better mom. Thank you Erin and Matt!!! Also please thank Daniel and Fernanda. Their sound therapy was one of the most memorable parts of my trip. The passion and talent they have shines through in their care. I would recommend it to anyone going to the retreat...but be ready, it’s intense and requires a lot of inward reflection. I wish they could come provide me with regular sound therapy to me at home
By Jamie S for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (February 2020) on 25 Feb, 2020


Dear Erin, Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes. I would love to go toa yoga retreat with you. Hopefully soon!!! My warmest wishes Monica
By Monica B on 06 Sep, 2019