We had a great time. Great people, good accommodation, good food and a lot of fun. I would definitely do the trip again.
As a Haitian American, I’ve traveled a number of times to vacation in the homeland of my parents. However, Haiti Got It experiences always manage to skyrocket my time spent in the country to a whole other stratosphere of enjoyment. The attention to detail and foresight to the possible asks/needs of their travelers are unmatched. HGI Dîner en Blanc was my second trip with the company and the itineraries provided are consistently well rounded. I enjoyed the tour of historical sites and the boating/private beach day the most. Cheers to my next HGI adventure!
By Calune Eustache for DINNER EN BLANC HAITI on 02 Sep, 2019
The trip was amazing, we were taken cared of every step of the way, Airport was a breeze, driver pick up was on time, Restaurant Reservations was perfect for our group. Thank you HaitiGotit I had the time of my life. Haiti is beautiful.