Past Trips


I enjoyed the trip to Dubai. Everything was more organized and I had the time of my life for the 2 days we were in Dubai. However, once we got to Africa, things started to get unorganized and there was a lot of lack of communication from our host. With our group being 100 people, I don't think there were enough supervisors from MotherLandConnect there to handle all of the attendees. Due to the virus, a lot of our events for South Africa got cancelled but again, a lot of that was not communicated directly to all of the attendees. We had to learn that information from each other. I understand the virus did play a big part in our experience, but I feel like the host and supervisors should have had back up plans and should have been more communicative on the cancelled events. Also, all the restaurants seemed overwhelmed with 100 attendees coming to eat. I recommend that going forward to let those restaurants know that 100+ people are attending so we won't have to wait 3-4 hours to eat. Due to a lot of the cancellations of events, I don't feel like I interacted with a lot of African people and really emerged in their culture how I wanted to. I still truly enjoyed being in Africa, but it was just a lot going with 100 of us. I definitely won't travel that big of a group again unless I know for sure the experience will be the same with a smaller group. I also felt like the host was not as focused on making sure the WHOLE group enjoyed themselves. It seemed as though she had her own clique; that she always traveled with to go to clubs with, while the rest of the group was confused on if club options were available due the virus and closing made by the African government. I feel like that clique got more information on what was going on daily versus the whole group getting that information and clarification on what's going on. I could honestly write for days but overall, if the group is more than 100, the group needs to be split into 2 and do different events on different days so everyone can have a good time and get their moneys worth. Also, I had to pay a lot out of pocket for excursions. I thought everything was included but there are still excursions I had to pay out of pocket, which is fine. I just mentally thought all I had to pay for was food and souvenirs because that is how it was portrayed on the travel site. I am grateful for them constantly checking the Embassy to ensure our safety to travel back to the US with everything going on but I still feel like there was a lot more that could have been done from our host and supervisors to ensure the everyone who made their money enjoyed themselves in its entirety!
This was a great trip! Everything I anticipated and more. Modjinah, made sure everyone in our group was enjoying themselves and had everything they needed. She was very knowledgeable of the area, places to go and things to do. I would recommend her to anyone I know planning a trip.
We had a great time despite the coronavirus. modjinah is the best she made sure our parents stayed sane while simultaneously ensuring we enjoyed our trip in its full entirety. Thank you motherland connect for a trip of a lifetime, I cant wait to book again!