This was my first time traveling with motherland connect and I had a great time and met alot of wonderful people!
By Maurina N for Juneteenth Ghana Takeover on 05 Jul, 2021
My, my, my - Motherland Connect! Thank you Mo, thank you Christopher, thank you to all who were involved in making this magnificent, spiritual trip to Ghana and Kenya a momentous, life changing journey for myself and children (Laurence and Paris). We are so elated that we made the pivotal decision to join this team of professionals to Africa. The milieu of the group - just dope, absolute dopeness! Could there have been little tweaking here and there? (of course) however, no participant “fell off the cliff” and for that, we are grateful to Motherland Connect. We had unmeasurable fun. And with fun, came awareness and responsibility. The tangibility of experiencing oneness with our ancestors was priceless. Our visit to Cape Coast Castle was so emotional (there was a constant slow moving steam of teardrops trickling on most of our clothing). To read or watch a “movie” about same is no comparison to what we experienced. Standing in the dungeons, touching the walls of which our forefathers suffered and died, can not be compared. Thank you Motherland Connect, the pain was real, nonetheless, needed. Once it was time to shop our focus was temporarily shifted. We purchased gifts to help the natives as well as getting items to entice our friends and family back home. Hoping they too will travel to Africa with Motherland Connect. Our itinerary was “loaded”. The Boti waterfalls in Ghana was stunning, refreshing and artistic on the eyes. Kakum Canopy Walk - marvelous, walked all seven bridges, had a blast! Nairobi National Park was breathtaking. Saw lions, zebras, giraffes, and check this out - we saw ostriches mating! That’s right! We saw the male dancing flapping wings before he “lit the match” that was a sight to behold. Our accommodations were “fly”. One hotel in particular was equipped with robe and matching slippers. Hence, I donned robe an slippers and slept like a log. Oh, the people of both Ghana and Kenya are like family, I felt at home, the culture is rich and their artworks are glorious. They are beautiful, warm and friendly people. I forgot to talk about the dancers and drummers, the rhythms are still ringing in my ears. Oh, how could I forget about meeting the Village Chief and the Naming Ceremony, so much mind buzzing experiences. Again, I am forgetting one of the most important highlight of the trip. And that was, Motherland Connect donating hundreds of black dolls to school girls, promoting self esteem, beauty, and awareness! The girls had ocean wide smiles, beaming with joy upon receiving their dolls. Just book a trip with Motherland Connect to Africa and you will be telling stories for a long time. Thank you Motherland Connect!🍃🖤🍃
By Lorraine G for Juneteenth Ghana Takeover on 27 Jun, 2021
My second trip with MC & it was my favorite! From the hotel to the food to the people everything was great! I had so much fun I didn’t want to leave. The only thing I wish we stayed in Bangkok longer instead of going to Phuket. I enjoyed more city life and food in Bangkok & stuff was closer than in Phuket.
By Trishanna J for New Years Eve In Thailand W/ International Flights Included on 03 Feb, 2020