Egypt has been on my bucketlist for 20+ years and this trip with Bucketlist Travel blew my expectations out of the water. Everything was perfectly planned and coreographed to maximize experiences while accommodating needs for downtime. Our host, Annie, and tour guide, Yasser, were extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. I learned an incredible amount about Egypt while having a fantastic time experiencing this magical country. The food was delicious, the accomodations were five star, the excursions were amazing, and the company was fantastic - 14 brand new friends! I felt so taken care of; our tour guide tipped the bathroom attendants so we were not hassled and negotiated excellent deals for us at all shopping stops and markets, among other things. If you have any desire to go to Egypt, book this tour with all the extras. You won't regret it!
By Kasey P for GLT in Egypt - November 2019! on 22 Jan, 2020
OMG!! What a fabulous trip - actually, life-changing experience. We began at The Great Pyramids of Giza and concluded by having tea with a group of Bedouins in the Sahara Desert in Jordan. Every day in between was filled with sights and experiences I had only heard/read about during my 57 years. When I first saw the itinerary for this trip, I was excited because it sounded so exotic. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Our tour guide Yasser Omar, an Egyptologist, was not only a wealth of information about every site we visited and every question we asked on any topic, but he also made Herculean efforts to fulfill the needs and desires of every member of our tour group. We also had the pleasure of having Annie Emanuelli of Bucket List Travel on our entire trip. Annie is a sweetheart. We had such a great experience on this trip that myself and several others asked Annie: What other trips do you offer? We want to go! The moment we deplaned in Cairo, a nice man from Bucket List Travel met us at the gate, escorted us through the customs process, collected our bags and put us on our clean and comfortable van for the ride to our hotel. I felt very safe and comfortable throughout this entire trip through Egypt and Jordan. I highly recommend Bucket List Travel for a visit to Egypt and Jordan, South Africa or anywhere else they travel.
By robin s for GLT in Egypt - November 2019! on 17 Dec, 2019
Thank you for creating this trip. It was absolutely amazing. The itineraries were jam packed. Not a moment wasted. Everything ran so smoothly. I will definitely be signing up for another trip.
By Lori-Ann P for GLT in Egypt - November 2019! on 16 Dec, 2019