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Scotland PCR Test
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24 Jul, 2021
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Ireland PCR Test
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Trips with Jodie are always an adventure! And India for Holi was no exception. Jodie finds wonderful places to stay and unique things to do on her small group trips. And although the cities on this trip were much bigger, more hectic, and crowded than I had expected, we had enough restful time to balance it all out. There's nothing like seeing/visiting one of the seven wonders of the world (Taj Mahal) in person, visiting an ancient mosque, temple, or fort, or experiencing one of the most famous celebrations in the world (Holi) with locals as well as our own little group. And since our group had had enough forts on our tour, we were flexible and Jodie found us an extra day/night "glamping" in the desert--simply unforgettable and one of my highlights! Our accommodations were wonderful and the Indian food so good!! And even though we were finishing up our trip as the Coronavirus pandemic was taking hold, Jodie was a calm presence but also pragmatic--we all got out of the country unscathed! I will travel with Globe Drifters again!
By Linda G for India for Holi 2020! on 26 Mar, 2020
I was a little nervous when I looked into the Thailand 2019 trip – Globe Drifters is a smaller company, and I couldn’t find much information about them. It took a small leap of faith, but I am so happy that I went on this tour. I found that that company responded to my inquiries pretty quickly, so don’t be shy with questions. Everything begins and ends with Jodie, the founder of the company, and our guide for Thailand 2019. I really like that she keeps the tour group small as it was easier to form bonds within the group. It became obvious Jodie knew the country very well, and our group greatly appreciated the work she put in to make the tour go as smoothly as it did. The locations alternated between dense, highly trafficked areas (Bangkok, Chang Mai) and less busy areas (Krabi, Khao Sok National Forest). I especially appreciated the amount of flexibility that was planned into the itinerary, so I could break off and participate in independent activities when I wanted. I don’t really have “highlights” as I found the trip to be enjoyable from beginning to end. I would absolutely book a tour with Globe Drifters again.
By Michael L for Thailand For Lantern Festival on 16 Dec, 2019
Thank you to Globedrifter for organizing such an amazing trip. There were so many wonderful highlights and experiences along this tour. I would highly recommend it.
By Andrea M for Thailand For Lantern Festival on 03 Dec, 2019