GLO Retreat is the perfect place to disconnect from the crazy life that we all have, to clean your body, your mind and your soul surrounded by this beautiful tropical nature far from any stressful stimulation of a big city. Grace really built a real Oasis and that place was exactly everything I needed. I would recommend a GLO Retreat to everyone I know!!!!
By ISABELLE L for GLO Private Detox Retreat (for Isabelle + friends) on 09 Dec, 2019
We had a relaxing and enjoyable time... Excellent food! Learned new healthy recipes.
By Martine L for GLO Private Detox Retreat (for Isabelle + friends) on 09 Dec, 2019
This was an amazing trip and was grateful to have met so many lovely souls. We stayed at Villa Premasole near Zadar which was absolutely stunning and wonderfully equipped and decorated. It was a great space for a group to relax and have fun in. Thanks to Niki for arranging all the expeditions to nearby places of interest and for introducing us to her family that lives nearby. She arranged a perfect blend of activities to get a flavour of the country. And thanks to captain Rob for driving us around and making sure we had our seatbelts on. lol Thanks to Grace in conducting the yoga sessions and all her hard work in preparing delicious and healthy meals especially the bierstein breakfast smoothies....And thanks to Chris for introducing me to Block therapy which I would like to look into further. I would absolutely highly recommend this trip and look forward to attending another of Grace's trips.
By irene d for GLO Croatia on 14 Oct, 2019