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I've been on many scuba diving trips, educational/cultural adventures and international travels. This was the best-organized and executed by FAR. All accommodations were very clean and welcoming. Our guides were knowledgeable and responsive to our individual interests in the natural world. I signed up for trip ONE WEEK ahead and thought--oh, I know what to pack! But, I didn't for THIS trip. Tara's packing list SAVED me. Her careful instructions let me bring all the RIGHT items. Food and activities were excellent. We were taken care of SO very well. Tara kept everything running right on schedule, which is sometimes challenging if cultures run on island time! I have wanted to see Baja and the Sea of Cortez for many years and finally got my wish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
thank you Cynthia for this rave review. It means to me that you took the time to write for everyone to see. It was a pleasure to meet you and to have you on our adventure. Hope to see you again! -- tara
Most amazing trip I've ever been on and I've traveled to many places! I wanted an adventure and I got it. Plenty of physical activities in the 10-days including hiking, glacier trekking, swimming, horseback riding, and kayaking. All the ladies in our group - along with our two guides - were so much fun! Would totally book another trip with Green Edventures! - Nikki
I can't say enough positive things about this trip! The guide and trip leader were knowledgeable, entertaining, professional, and SO fun to travel with! The planned activities kept us busy and gave us an excellent feel for what Iceland had to offer. I definitely want to go back. The pre-trip information prepared me well for all possibilities of weather and challenge, and I realized that before this trip, I had been missing the camaraderie of traveling with an all-women group. I would definitely do another trip with Green Edventures! Cheryl
AMAZING! Absolutely amazing, from start to finish. The attention to detail and care provided by both Tara and Kristin was above all. I made lifelong friends I didn't know I needed and have unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. It was educational and intimate with just the right number of fellow viking sisters. Between glacier trekking, horseback riding, and the countless waterfalls an adventure is guaranteed. From the fantastic food to the amazing views Iceland provides; everything felt like a dream...but it's your real life! If you're even slightly considering going to Iceland this is the way to do it, you will not be disappointed.
Experience of a lifetime!! A VERY well planned out trip that kept us busy all day. We never had to figure out where to go or how to get there, the hardest decision of the day was deciding on what delicious food to choose for supper. If we ever had a problem or a question, our guides had or found the answer for us. So glad I found this travel group, I'm planning on using it again!!!
I cannot thank Tara and Green Edventures enough for putting together this fabulous trip. It was so wonderful to be in Iceland with other active and interested women. The itinerary was well thought out and the activities were varied and gave a comprehensive overview of the culture, geology, flora/fauna, and FOOD of Iceland. I felt challenged on many of the activities but ALWAYS felt safe and supported and appreciated our local guide's experience and input. I feel stronger and more confident both emotionally and physically due to the opportunities provided. I will definitely be participating in more Green Edventures!
We had a great time! The guides were amazing. The activities were varied and challenging. The food was wonderful!
My son loved this trip. He had quite the adventure and learned a lot.
What an awesome adventure!! Wow our guides were great and so experienced and knowledgeable. Accommodations were excellent and the excursions were what I signed up for. Cheryl is an excellent cook and made sure we had all the nutritional needs. Kelly sat in back by me so I was able to hear all her knowledge as we cruised. Fun filled, action packed days with time to explore. Also had a great group of girls to share my experiences with and they will forever be my friends. ♥♥♥
We had the best time ever! Cheryl and Kelly were fantastic guides. Each adventure was amazing. The food was wonderful. Cheryl cooked fresh fish that was to die for! I live in the Texas desert and I feel so fortunate to have this amazing experience. I loved it!
Still in awe from the fantastic scenery. Enjoyed all the adventures. Challenging hikes and wonderful tours such as the Kenai Fjords Boat and Denali bus trip.
Living in Florida where it's relatively flat, I was not quite prepared for the challenge of mountain trail hiking, However, the guides (Tara and Cheryl) allowed me to pace myself and encouraged me along the way. I went on multiple hikes, sea kayaked, saw glaciers and lots of flora and fauna, ate good food, and got to see the Kenai and Denali National Parks. I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to see such a beautiful part of our country. What an experience!
We had an awesome time on this trip. Thrown various challenges with wildfires, and very different levels of participant ability the leaders were still able to run a smooth, fun, and exciting trip. The food was delicious, the accommodations were spectacular, and it was great to be able to experience the wilderness of Alaska and push ourselves to explore deeper with the safety net of confident and competent guides.
Going to Alaska with GreenEdventures was an amazing experience! Tara planned the trip perfectly: beautiful hikes to glaciers, opportunities to see wildlife (we saw moose, black bears, and grizzlies, to name a few!) a boat trip to spend hours watching orcas play to name just a few. The food was delicious, the women were amazing, and the trip was awesome!
Wonderful experience with like minded edventure loving women who respect the natural environment. Interesting, challenging, great food, experienced guides are all positives of this trip. Thank you Green Edventures for all you did the make this trip a beginning for many more.
Something magical happened every single day of this trip! It was so nice not to have to worry about accommodations, transportation and food, but the best thing was the activities we experienced that we may not have found on our own. We had a local guide, Courtenay, who was approachable, knowledgeable and fun, and we had the tour leaders, Kathy and Kelly, who were both amazingly helpful and fun. This was the trip of a lifetime and I would travel with Green Edventures again in a heartbeat!
The trip totally met my expectations. It was very well organized and provided all the opportunities as advertised. Trip organizer and all local staff have expertise, are accommodating to individual traveler's needs and interests and are very good at what they do.
Great trip! Exceeded my expectations. The transfers all went smoothly, the accomodations were great, and the adventures seeing all the animals were amazing. Highly recommend this trip to any woman who wants an active snorkling adventure!
A truly wonderful experience. Everyone in the group was so friendly, the guides were excellent, and the resort was also wonderful. Food was terrific- almost too much! I will definitely go on another Green Edventures trip in the future.
We had a great time. The accommodations were wonderful, the staff attentive. Food was delicious. Our guide and trip through Green Edventures was so fun and informative! Thoroughly enjoyed this trip!
Everything ran smoothly with fun-packed activities sheduled throughout the days. The Plantation Resort staff were very attentive and courteous. The facility was clean and welcoming. At the time, there was a major landscaping and fountain replacement project in progress. I can only imagine that will add to the ambience. As expected the group of women and our leaders, that wished to snorkel with manatees, kayak to local springs and airboat to the gulf through the glades made things even more fun to share this wonderful experience together. If you are considering a trip like this, I am sure you will not be disappointed booking it with Green Edventures.
It was one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. The collection of people were all like-minded and very engaged in the trip. It was a good blend of adventure and acquiring new knowledge about the environment.
We has a great time exploring new places and meeting new friends. Iceland has an incredible landscape, the trip exceeded my expectations.
This trip was spectacular!!!. Delicious food, awesome places, perfect accomodations, accurate packing list and wonderful people. I can't wait to do another edventure.
Such a wonderful adventure. I loved every minute of it!