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Birding in the South East Peruvian Amazon
Birding in the South East Peruvian Amazon
Lowland SE Peru Specialties at Los Amigos Research Center
22 Apr, 2018


I would say I’m a bit more than a casual birder. I have a decent life list and have done lots of day-birding tours. This was my first multi-day birding adventure. After looking at the bird list for San Martin, I chose to go on this 5-day Northern Peru tour - just me - no other traveler had signed up. The birding was so much fun. Juan, the guide, could hear, find and identify birds with alacrity. HIs English was somewhat limited and pronunciation of bird names in English was rough sometimes, but he was patient and would repeat the name until I got it. Manuel, the driver and logistics person, was kind and capable. With five days of just the three of us, I got a chance to really know these two. Both were a joy to hang out with, and I was well taken care of. We visited many different habitats over the five days. From chaparral to cloud forest to lakes and rice fields and all the others, we found a ton of different birds every day. The hummingbirds (and the likes) were spectacular and numerous. In addition to the special regional and rare birds, we saw all the showy ones too - Cock of the Rock, aracari, toucanets, quetzal, the flocks of tanagers, oilbirds, guans, antshrikes, manakin, caciques and oropendolas. Early March is not the best time of the year for birding in Peru with rain and the season, but that said, I saw and could actively identify over 200 species. There were probably another dozen I just couldn’t find in my not brilliant binoculars (and rusty birding skills) even with excellent direction and coaching to find them from Juan. On top of that there were so many more we could hear but not see. On the logistics side, the lodgings were nothing fancy but right where we wanted to be. Every place was very clean and comfortable. There were hot showers (as advertised). We ate at restaurants for all but a few meals. Peru is know if its food and these rural towns boasted some pretty delicious plates. I even got to try cuy my last lunch. It was tasty. So, bottom line, do this trip. It was 5 full days of birding with an expert birder, well situated and comfortable accommodations, nice van, and good food.
By Linda G for Birding North Peru - partial tour (copy) on 09 Mar, 2020
My time at Muyuna was fantastic. Awesome service. Their staff was extraordinary. I will recommend them to my friends that are planning an adventure into the Amazon River.
By rebeca c for Muyuna Lodge plus Explornapo surcharge on 11 Nov, 2019
A wonderful half-day trip that was organized for me and a companion at rather short notice. Everything worked out fine, our guide was very knowledgeable with the birds. Wonderful and spectacular boat trip to Isla San Lorenzo and the Palomino Islets. I can definitely recommend this trip and the organizers.
By Rudolf S for Birding Palomino Island on 25 Oct, 2019