This trip was absolutely wonderful! I learned so much about the culture: history, religion, society, yoga, music. The food was fabulous, and the accommodations were excellent. Our group was well cared for the entire time. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I am so grateful for. Thank you Hareesh, Hannah and Yusif for taking us on a magical journey in Mother India.
By Jamie C for Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India with Hareesh & Hannah on 19 Jan, 2020
What an unforgettable experience! I am a yoga therapist and brought my husband along with me, who did not have any interest in going to India at all! Hareesh, Hannah, Yusuf, and Susan took such great care of all of us, and my husband had a wonderful time, of course! The accommodations were fantastic, food was delicious, traveling was comfortable, and the rest of the attendees were positive, accepting, friendly, and fun! The tour was very organized, and consisted of daily yoga with Hannah, and visiting various temples, caves, spiritual sites, and more, and ended with kirtan or satsang with Hareesh nightly. I not only took part in activities that I would never be able to do on my own, I learned so much about life through the beautiful lectures led by Hareesh. My husband and I will definitely be going on retreat again with Hareesh and Hannah. Props to Yusuf, our Indian guide, whose dedication and commitment made this a trip of a lifetime. I cried at the end out of pure gratitude to the trip leaders, So many fabulous memories that make me super excited to go back soon!
By Ashley M for Pilgrimage into the poetic heart of India with Hareesh & Hannah on 11 Jan, 2020
This trip was fun and profound--Hareesh and his staff led an awesome journey on all levels--traveling through the real India and making contact with the deep spirit of India, her people and ourselves. The food and accomodations were great and the yoga and tantrik teachings were excellent.
By Kathy G for Journey into the Sacred Heartland of Yoga Hareesh and Hannah on 18 Jan, 2019