Past Trips


This was exactly what I needed - to unplug and reconnect with my practice. Heather and Donny and al the people I met at the retreat we’re incredible. Locals were friendly. The venue is unpretentious, the food is wholesome and delicious, and the yoga/sound healing can be potent if you’re open to possibilities.
I had an amazing time. Donny & Heather were wonderful hosts and I loved getting to know Ashley & Christine whom also provided great hospitality. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking for a magically, relaxing, healthy, refreshingly beautiful experience. Thank you!!!
I had a genuinely relaxing and unplugging time with Heather, Donny, and all Black Swan Temple people. Heather's cooking was one of my highlights together with the aerial yoga experience and the meditation I got to learn. The atmosphere was super welcoming, calm and safe. My cabin was one of the most beautiful and unique​ places I ever slept at and I am seriously missing it already. Thank you all for having me last week. I will benefit from this time for all my life!