I just attended my 2nd retreat with Heather and Donny at Black Swan Temple, and it was an even more transformational experience than the first time I attended. In short, I feel nourished, supported, and renewed. The lodging, food, hospitality, community, and intentionality of this place is really special. The yoga classes, the private sessions with Heather and Donny, the home cooked plant based meals, the support to visit Mt. Haleakala -- I felt so connected to the aina, the land, and my fellow participants. Grateful for the opportunity to heal. I will definitely be back :)
By Andrea B for 5 Days/4 Nights Oct 11-15 2021 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HAWAII on 18 Oct, 2021
It was excellent and everything I wanted. I wanted a perspective change, a challenge, fun time, good food and wonderful time with me alone and nature. This retreat had it all. Meeting and learning from such accomplished people like Heather and Donny gave me all the action items I need to work on. The Aerial Yoga and inversions were my absolute favorite. I am a first timer to both these and feared I would fall off / make fun of myself. But Heather is an excellent coach, her instructions are very clear, she watches you and corrects you so that you are safe. I had an excellent time and I already have a bunch of friends wanting to do this. Thank you Heather and Donny.
By Priya V for 5 Days/4 Nights Sep 16-20 2021 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HAWAII on 25 Sep, 2021
Magical healing retreat!! This retreat checks all of the boxes: mind, body, and spirit. This is a fantastic place to relax one's mind. The sound healing is a sensory immersive experience that truly opens one's mind to new possibilities! The yoga and aerial yoga are both challenging and restorative. Heather is very clear in the way she teaches the classes. I awoke each morning excited for what was next in the aerial yoga classes. The food provided is delicious, ample, creative and inspiring! Each lunch was unique from the previous day, and the food was aromatic, delicious and satiating. This is a great place to unplug and soothe the soul. The Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreat was truly a magical healing experience!
By Lorraine W for 5 Days/4 Nights Sep 16-20 2021 YOGA & SOUND HEALING - MAUI, HAWAII on 23 Sep, 2021