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There are almost no words to describe the experience I have when I attend a class of Helen's... likely because she defies an earthly existence. Part of it is her presence, part her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment, part what she's able to bring out in each of the people in the room. All I can tell you is this... I've been taking her classes for over years, if you have the chance, don't miss it, you will leave with gratitude for the experience.. She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of an advanced vinyasa flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed, and ready to tackle the day! I also appreciate how she paces the class, it's not too slow, and not too fast, and I always get a good sweat on. She has traveled the world and worked with numerous different gurus and incorporates these elements into her classes. Helen has so much wisdom and years of experience! Her assists meet her students needs and really works with her students to create proper form. I highly recommend!
By christine lapak on 27 Mar, 17
There are not enough positive words to describe Helen and her classes! In short, Helen's classes push you to be the best version of yourself both on and off the mat. Her classes are physically challenging which encourages you to push yourself as yogi and grow your practice. Helen continually is adapting her classes and sequences for the various levels of her students. I've realized that once I get comfortable in the sometimes-not-so-comfortable poses is when I'm growing and learning the most about myself and my capabilities. Helen is deeply in-tune with how the body works and correct alignment which is reflected in the thoughtful and artful way she pieces her sequences together. I always look forward to what new and beautiful sequence she has in store for her classes. On the spiritual side, Helen's classes leave me feeling spiritually rejuvenated and re-centered no matter how crazy my day has been up until then. Helen encourages mindfulness, self-love as well as love of others in her classes which carries with me the rest of the day. A lot of the time, I come straight from work to her classes and I come in hectic and over-stressed; Helen paces her class in a way that is physically challenging but mentally peaceful so I leave feeling as if I was able to express my wound up energy in a positive way while still being able to calm my mind, separate from the stresses of the day and leave feeling at peace.
By Angela Vo on 27 Mar, 17
Helen is an incredible teacher, leader and mentor! Her classes are so well structured, her flows are incredible. You'll be amazed at her ability to inspire you through a tough sequence and heal you through thoughtful touch. She will challenge you to move deeper into your practice than ever before! She also has a strong foundation in the history, culture and tradition surrounding yoga which informs and strengthens her teaching. She is down to earth, grounded and has a wonderful sense of humor as well that makes her easy to talk to and be vulnerable with. Cannot recommend Helen's classes highly enough!
By Emily Terrell on 27 Mar, 17
Helen is a wonderful, inspiring, and dedicated teacher. She truly cares about each one of her students not only as yogi's, but also as people. Each of her classes, with her meticulous planning and purposeful thought, are designed to engage the body, mind, and soul on a level that not many other teachers can achieve. Planning weeks in advance, Helen utilizes the Eight Limbs, the Yama's and Niyama's, and the chakras to curate specific and engaging classes. I've never experienced anything like it, and her knowledge of all things yoga inspire me to become a better practitioner myself. Her classes challenge, move, and engage students on a meaningful and deep level, and Helen is dedicated to personal growth on a personal and yogic level. Anyone would be lucky to practice with her, and I am so glad I have the opportunity to learn from her!
By Madelyn Loehr on 28 Mar, 17
Helen is a wonderful yoga instructor. I have been taking her class for a few years now, and thoroughly enjoy her teachings. I very much look forward to all of her classes! She is creative, inspiring, authentic, and very knowledgeable in her field. Her sequences are fresh and exciting and always fit beautifully with her theme. I can tell she very much enjoys teaching and guiding others to find peace through their practice. Thanks for all you do Helen!!
By Lindsay Peters on 28 Mar, 17
Perhaps, I won't be original to start this reference with phrase that the words can not really describe how great and wonderful are Helen's classes.The closest word to describe her classes is a magic.Helen class is a creative masterpiece that is taught by her with professionalism,grace, wisdom, love and tenderness. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and inspiring teacher. You can see, feel and experience during her classes that she is passionate about teaching yoga and she really enjoys it.I enjoyed each and every class because every time it challenged my body and soothed my soul. Helen is not only phenomenal teacher, but also a wonderful, warm and caring person who knows her students and always is up to a little chat with them.
By Ziuta Mostly Harmless on 28 Mar, 17
I've had the great opportunity to not only take Helen's classes, but also to learn from her in my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Helen has a beautiful connection to not only movement but to each and every student she encounters. Her flows are unique and inventive, and her extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy is inspiring. She really knows how to workout your mind, body, and soul! Past her involvement as an instructor, she teaches us through example with her kindness, care, and drive. You can tell she loves what she does and I am so grateful to know her! i highly, highly recommend her. Cheers, Emilie
Helen is an exceptional yoga instructor on so many levels. She has a calming energy that sets a great tone for class, yet she also creates sequences that are both physically and mentally challenging (in the most amazing way). When I practice with Helen, I know I will have a "click" moment -- one where I finally relax about a problem that's been on my mind or I'll realize I'm able to achieve, or get closer to achieving, a posture that I never believed I could do. She's also such a warm, kind person all around.
By Tabitha Dosch on 4 Apr, 17
Helen is an incredible teacher that approaches her sequences with thoughtfulness and a genuine love for her students. Her classes introduce meditative themes that are interlaced with her sequences from start to finish. She has an extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy and has a very well-rounded background of study. She uses personal experience to make advanced themes relevant and relatable. One sixty minute class with Helen will leave you relaxed, focused, and mentally and physically stronger than you were when you entered the room.
By Caroline Tell on 5 Apr, 17
The Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat in Three Rivers, Michigan that Helen led was a wonderful experience that has both revitalized my spirit as well as grounded me. The therapeutic effects of being out in the countryside, practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and sharing all this with a lovely group of people is huge. The wisdom of Helens teachings is still unfolding as I continue to contemplate the many riches of this special weekend. Thank you Helen !
By Tracey Dobson on 19 Jul, 18
I have been on two of Helen Lees retreats, they are full of self discovery through gentle guidance and movement. She allows space for silence and time to connect with nature and life’s gifts. She is truly unique in her teaching and a wonderful facilitator.
By lynne kennetz on 20 Jul, 18