We had a great time. The location was beautiful, food was decent, lodging comfortable and yoga was great, especially the outdoor sessions. Few items for improvements: 1) Room was comfortable. Beds and beddings were great. However it was described as Garden View, but most of the view is the parking lot. It was a bit of a let down on the view part. 2) Dinner food was decent, but portion was kind of small. 2.) Brunches were great. More variety for brunches would be nice (perhaps mixing up the menu one of the day). 3) Wine tasting was a nice event. Really enjoyed it; but again the food portion (cheeses and crackers) were so little that it was hardly enough to enjoy. Please increase portions. 4) Should work out the procedure of bills for extra dinner items such as drinks better. It was a bit disconcerting to be chased down by the servers after every meal. Service was a bit slow.
Beautiful venue and even better yoga practice. If you have the opportunity to go to a retreat led by Hillary Acer, I highly encourage you to do so. I left the retreat feeling refreshed and longing for more yoga with Hillary.
Hands down this was the best vacation I have ever given myself. Hillary Acer organized the most thoughtful, relaxing, and fun retreat in an absolutely beautiful location. Hillary is an amazing yoga instructor. Timber Cove is a beautifully renovated lodge on the CA coast with the kindest staff. I left this retreat feeling rejuvenated and joyful. A heartfelt thank you for all who contributed to the success of this weekend.