Compliments: -The week was wonderful. Everyone had a great time and will have memories for a lifetime. -The girls appreciated the coaching and the scrimmages were well organized. -Ivan was a knowledgeable tour guide and provided us with plenty of information on Croatian history. -The accommodations were comfortable and spacious. -The trip was a good value for the price. -People felt well taken care of and safe at all times. Suggestions: -The majority of guests felt the meal time was too long. Instead of spending 2+ hours for a "formal" lunch, many would have prefered to have a shorter lunch and spend more time on the boat decks or in the water. A suggestion for meal time is to have a buffet, instead of plated food. This prevents food waste and gives people more choices for what they want to eat. Also, alternatives for people with food allergies should be made (instead of just omitting the food entirely). -Everyone would have liked more "free time" in the water (from the boat). -Many guests would like to have Mateo and Ivan give the American team coaches training. Some education and instruction for the American coaches on how to be a better coach or how to meet the needs of the players would have been very helpful. -The first night team dinner in Split need not be so formal, having dinner in a more casual restaurant environment would be better bonding for the coaches, parents and players. -The smell from the bathroom plumbing in the lower decks needs to be improved. If unable to be improved, strict instructions need to be given on how to minimize the smell (keeping bathroom door shut, keep toilet lid closed, cover drains, etc.)
Our family had an unforgettable time on the cruise boat with Mateo and Yvonne. We are so thankful to them for the opportunity to share an amazing trip with our children. Everything was well planned and the food was excellent. We highly recommend this trip.
This trip was a great experience for our family. Our son was considering not playing water polo any more. The experiences, friendships and coaching he received motivated him to continue to play. The leadership, water polo coaching, history and beauty of Croatia, combined with the unique experiences that came from touring Croatia with Ivan and Mateo, true blue Croatians with an obvious love of their country and their people, made this a one of a kind experience for our whole family. We will cherish this time with friends, old and new, forever.