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Torres del Paine, Torres de Paine, Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Chile
14 Mar, 2022

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I've waited a few weeks since returning from Croatia to leave a review. My reason for delaying is my inability to find the words to express the appreciation I feel for this experience. I've avoided group travel for quite some time due to previous group trips that left me feeling like just another warm body being ushered around a touristy destination - cold, impersonal, rushed. Would this be another disappointing memory? WOW, was this week so unlike any of those forgettable memories!!! From the first warm hellos and welcoming hugs in Split to the final teary goodbyes and parting hugs that I never wanted to end, I collected memories of every flavor and color and texture - shared belly laughs, thrilling downhill descents in tight formation, quiet conversations with new found friends on the sun deck or walking a forest trail, dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking, pushing my limits climbing a steep hill as we all shouted encouragement to each other, challenging my comfort level in the Adriatic's chilly waters, testing my diving skills during a swim break, feeling the wind on my sun-drenched face as we sailed among the Dalmatian islands, being skillfully led by carefully chosen guides (that quickly became friends), devouring all the fabulous food prepared and served with so much love by the daughters of our ship's captain, knowing that all the great moments were being captured by our intrepid photographer, watching the magical interactions between Jackie and her father (Yep, even her family joins her travels.), sleeping on the sun deck under a full moon in a quiet cove (Well, it was quiet once our dance party shut down.), and biking and biking and biking with glorious sunshine dancing on the sea stretching to the far horizons. I could go on but I'm caught up in the reverie of all these memories flooding thru my senses, so I'll end here with my fondest memory. On the first morning as we sailed to our first island port on Hvar, I recorded the pre-breakfast happenings as my soon-to-be family gathered on the lower lounge area. Smiles and laughter, wind-blown hair, the first entries of an artist's journaling, coffee being sipped - and as my camera captured this brief moment, I found Jackie's smiling face across the way quietly taking in the scene. The light in her eyes said it all. She truly takes great joy in sharing special destinations with likeminded adventurers. Thank-you, Jackie! During the entire week, she never interjected herself onto the center of the stage like 'This is all about me.' As any good host does, she crafted the experience, then allowed the events to flow organically. She was tested by the biking ascents as much as any of us. She pushed herself to dive off the boat in her own way. (If you've followed her podcasts at all, you know she has a healthy respect for heights.) She marveled in the sights of Split, Dubrovnik, Korcula (among the many) with us all as an active participant allowing our guides to guide and show and teach. Will I join another Jump Adventure? Hell, yes, I'm part of the Patogonia trek she's hosting in March 2022. 'Nuf said.
By Randy R for Croatia Bike & Boat Island Hopper Week 2! on 03 Dec, 2021
This trip far exceeded all my expectations. Jackie selected such a great bike company to use, and everything was top notch. The Pape Prvi and her amazing staff kept us warm, well-fed and entertained. The guides Senad and Lucija got to know us as people while still maintaining their professionalism and keeping us safe on the bikes. They went out of their way to ensure we had a great time. Jackie was always there with a smile and a raring-to-go attitude. I give Jackie and the tour the absolute highest recommendation, and I will not hesitate to book with her again. She made this trip so special.
By Darla G for Croatia Bike & Boat Island Hopper! on 08 Nov, 2021
The perfect trip for my first solo journey! As a listener of Jump podcast, I was almost guaranteed to find commonality with my fellow travelers, and I did. Jackie's groups are varied in ages and backgrounds, but everyone is ready for adventure and fun. The accommodations were comfortable, the food was plentiful and delicious, and everything was perfectly organized. Croatia is a welcoming country and the biking offered beautiful views of the islands that we explored. Our boat staff was wonderful and attentive, and our guides were phenomenal! Thank you, Jackie, for putting together a great experience!
By Rachel H for Croatia Bike & Boat Island Hopper Week 2! on 02 Nov, 2021


Traveling with Jackie is awesome! Not only does Jackie do a fantastic job organizing her trips, getting to travel with someone you look up to is inspiring. I'll definitely be signing up for more of her trips in the future.
By Anastasia L on 25 Feb, 2019
Awesome experience and people, would highly recommend!!!
By Shawn D on 25 Jun, 2018
Jackie is an excellent retreat leader. I went with her on her women's adventure retreat in Ecuador, which she packed full of amazing activities in a gorgeous setting. The experiences she planned were unique, once-in-a-lifetime-level ones! With her trips, Jackie has thought about all the details so you don't have to. The Ecuador retreat was extremely well organized and well-run. Thanks, Jackie, for making my experience in Ecuador so magical!
By Jackie F on 19 Feb, 2018