I don't think a better yoga teacher training exists! Jacq + Cole are so present with all of their students. Even virtually I felt the experience was so potent, organized, and inspiring. Jacq + Cole come very prepared for each session, offer more resources than you can imagine, and are super supportive throughout the whole journey. They also do a good job of creating a connected vibe in the group, I felt bonded to everyone by the end and we never even met in person! Whether you are thinking of making the investment for personal reasons, to explore or deepen your own yoga practice, or because you want to become a yoga instructor, you cannot go wrong with this training. It was one of the best investments I have ever made and I would do it all over again if I could!
By Chloe H for The Mindfulish School 200hr Teacher Training Hybrid *MARCH* on 13 Jun, 2021
A thorough, thoughtful, open, and compassionate yoga teacher training. It was general education, but I felt we learned what we needed to learn in order to get started was yoga teachers. Cole and Jacq were open, kind, and supportive. They offered guest teachers on various subjects they were not experts on - including yogic history, anatomy, social justice, and Sanskrit. The offerings were diverse (from chakras to Ayurveda to Yin/Restorative to Buddhism), the resources were excellent, and they encouraged self-inquiry and questioning of the material. Not only did we learn yoga postures (asana) and how to cue, we learned to find our own voice and vision. I appreciated the focus on social justice and being inclusive, as well as the importance of cultural appreciation vs. appropriation.
By Julie Y for The Mindfulish School 200hr Teacher Training Hybrid *MARCH* on 10 Jun, 2021
If you get to go anywhere with jacq on this path of life (or yoga or both) then take it… even if it’s virtually you’ll be taken to places you might not even have known you wanted to go but that makes an adventure an adventure…. All wanderers welcome, I had the best time! ❤️
By Suzy G for The Mindfulish School 200hr Teacher Training Hybrid *MARCH* on 09 Jun, 2021