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The venue of Three Points Ranch was magnificent! Taylor, the chef, was fantastic! The area and scenery were majestic! The retreat was lovely.
Relaxing, inquisitive, joy-filled gathering of beautiful people!
Jacq helped me stay connected in all senses. I so appreciated the easeful sense of community she, David, and Cole cultivated. Taylor of Herbs + Harmony offered deliciously nourishing food, and it was a luxury to have three meals prepared so thoughtfully each day. Heartfelt thanks to the sweet group of souls who made this time on the ranch especially enchanting!!
This experience was absolutely amazing! It left me feeling super relaxed, grounded, and refreshed! I was able to meet some amazing humans and ate the most delicious food! Thank you for all that you do, Jacq! You are such an inspiration. This was my first yoga retreat and it set the bar high! Hope to have the opportunity to retreat with you again!
Great teacher, gorgeous place and the food was amazing!!!
This was my first time to go on a yoga and wellness retreat. The experience exceeded my expectations. The organizer, Jacq St. Pierre, had a great plan for the retreat. But she was also very flexible in making adjustments to suit individual needs and desires. In addition to a daily yoga practice, there was time each day for reading, meditation, and hiking. There were also adventures to choose from -- surfing at the beach, canoeing, horseback riding, cooking. Three meals a day were provided. The meals at the retreat were vegetarian or vegan and special meals were prepared to accommodate allergies and to avoid gluten. One meal was at a restaurant, which served some of the best seafood I have every had.