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Morocco Yoga Journey
Morocco Yoga Journey
Morocco (Marrakesh, Sahara Desert & High Atlas Mountains)
13 May, 2018


This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. Doing yoga twice daily, traveling through Morocco and eating some of the most amazing food, with unbeatable company was the theme of this journey. Jahmelia curated a very thoughtful set of experiences for us, beginning with our first yoga session in Marrakesh's old city where we experienced both the hustle of the market and the calm quiet of our Riad. We moved on to our journey into the desert, stopping by Ait ben Haddou and the Draa Valley, lush with it's date palm trees. Our caravan (of nicely-equipped Land Cruisers) eventually led us deep into the Sahara Desert where we found a fully-equipped campsite, complete with a drum circle and a troupe of camels. This camp was something to behold: fully-furnished private tents (think 4 star hotel status), attached bathrooms with flushing toilets and running water, with gourmet meals three times per day. Our Berber guides (Mohammed and Yusuf) were absolutely amazing, so knowledgeable and truly kind. Sunset yoga on the sand dunes was something I won't soon forget. After a few days of relaxing in the surprisingly calm and peaceful desert (even the sandstorm had a meditative quality to it!), we began a day-long journey high into the Atlas mountains where we eventually landed at the Kasbah Toubkal, a magical resort high atop the mountain. In fact, no passable roads exist to the Kasbah and all supplies (and some people!) are transported upward via mules. The night we got to the Kasbah we could hear the magic of waterfalls surrounding us but it wasn't until the morning when we were greeted by flowing water all around and magnificently sharp mountain peaks resembling those which you might expect of the Himalayas (in fact, this site was used to film Kundun, about the young Dalai Lama in Tibet). Needless to say, yoga and meditation came naturally to us here, and the radiant-heated yoga room with floor-to-ceiling windows certainly did not hurt! I came back home feeling relaxed and centered in a way that I had never before experienced. After this trip, I would not hesitate to follow Jahmelia anywhere she might lead me. If you have the opportunity, this journey will certainly not disappoint, and it might just change your life in the process!
By Neil C for Morocco Yoga Journey on 30 Aug, 2018
This was a super magical and adventurous trip! Jahmelia was a great lead leader throughout all the travels. She is professional, sensitive, fun and always accessible. Morocco is stunning and compares to nowhere else I've been, definitely a must see. This itinerary nailed it with all the beautiful landscapes the country has to share. If you have extra time I would recommend staying a day or two extra on the front or back end of the trip. Do not miss out on this Moroccan adventure with Jahmelia!
By Ronica S for Morocco Yoga Journey on 27 May, 2018