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would give it 50 stars ! had a wonderfull time ALLL the tour guides were fantastic & all was on time & ran very smooth,best trip of a lifetime ! cant wait to go next year where ever our Bolts play !!
Fantastic trip! The accommodations were great, the tour was very well thought out for a group of our size, and the local guides were invaluable and incredible! It was a trip of a lifetime!
Although we had a wonderful time in Stockholm, there were items that were in sore need of improvement. Flights-These were the worst flight routes. Instead of a 1 stop from TPA, we were sent from Tampa-Miami-London-Stockholm. We would have gladly booked our own, especially when we found out we weren't going to receive full mileage credit from the airlines. The back end of the flights from Stockholm to London were the worst seats available, for the entire group. Remaining flight from London-Charlotte-Tampa were mercifully better. However EVERY flight all tour participants were in the last loading group. The bus ride to the London hotel was clearly undersized for the group and should have been verified as a group of 4 had to get a taxi instead and the bus had luggage piled through the aisle. Timing- The extended group should have left on Sunday, NOT Monday. The timing to get to a scheduled event was rushed and unnecessary. Had the extended group left on Sunday all would have been avoided. Hotel check in- Somebody should take ownership of what is happening, when and communicate clearly. The Stockholm hotel check in was awful on both Bytown travel and the hotel side. Neither knew what was going on and we had just gotten done travelling over 16 hours, yet it was our responsibility to work through the mess in short enough order to go to an event. This could not have been a worse introduction to Bytown travel. The daily hotel breakfast was really nice in both Stockholm, and London. The Marriott Bonvoy was a great choice in London. The boat ride dinner was beautiful and elegant. Consider a larger boat and enough time to clear a dance floor for a little dancing and mingling. Tickets to sights, games and practice - All tickets for practice and games should have been handed out PRIOR to arriving at the event location. Either on the bus in transit or as we exited the bus. Had the tickets been handed out on the bus prior to arrival things would have been much smoother. We hear that some of the tour participants ended up in the upper levels. There were entire sections for Lightning Fans. Thankfully, we purchased our tickets separate from the group. This should have been a major priority item that you didn't live up to. The primary purpose of the trip were the 2 games. The VASA and ABBA museums communication was slim, and on the fly. We did enjoy that we never needed to be concerned about transportation to scheduled events. We always knew when to be in the lobby for pick up. This was especially nice when the weather turned bad. Hotels - Both hotels were nice, clean and adequate. In Stockholm, the hotel checked out both standard and extended groups on the same day, when clearly only 1 grouping was leaving? The Marriott Bonvoy was a really nice location with wonderful amenities. We doubt we would do a group tour trip again without taking care of some specifics on our own. The only items that we had true positive notes on were local transportation, Ulla and Caine, the dinner cruise and certain hotel aspects. We would have left and returned home a day earlier and certainly would have done much different flights. We have traveled internationally many times, but never in a group, so this was an eye opener.
Thank you for your feedback. The We Travel platform has only added the ability to respond to reviews recently. We do agree that game tickets and open practice tickets should have been circulated to tour members prior to the tour start. We have done this with every other tour but for whatever reason, this option was not available to us this time around as we only received the tickets while already in Stockholm. In regards to flights, we also would have preferred a Sunday departure to London but they were not available for a group this size. However, we did prominently display the flight routing, dates and airline info on our booking page prior to anybody paying a deposit. We had checked numerous times with the Stockholm hotel front desk and coordinators regarding key distribution on the day of arrival and they confirmed that all the keys were distributed by 300 pm. There were some tour members who attempted to check in at the front desk (similar to an individual booking) when their keys had already been activated and stored with the rest of the group's keys. Not sure if this affected you, but we will definitely be following up with onsite staff to improve any check in process in the future. Lastly, we will take the blame for the smaller bus in London. We didn't specifically order a smaller bus but typically with 35 people, you always get a 48, 50 or 56 seater coach. We should have caught the discrepancy on the order form which simply had a code for the smaller bus. We reimbursed the family who took Uber promptly and apologized for any inconvenience. Again, thank you for your feedback and also for your business. It was a pleasure to serve you and the Lightning fans.
By Bytown Travel on 25 Feb, 2020