My trip was enriching and inspiring! This is an experience I recommend everyone has. Leave your American trappings behind and embrace a world view of different foods, culture, and ways of living. Be open to immerse yourself, and you will be transformed. There is no excuse! The booking process was easy, and the payments were manageable making it affordable for anyone to go. And I'll be going back! #Afrochella2020 P.S. My son loved the Jollof rice! DMR
By DaVina R for The Year Of Return - Experience Ghana December 2019 - Maximum Impact on 28 Dec, 2019
What an amazing and eye opening experience! Ghana has a lot to offer culturally and historically. You will definitely see that it's nothing like we're conditioned to "think" of Africa. Our tour group was awesome and I plan to return with my family in the near future. I highly recommend Maximum Impact. Thank you Jay for this amazing experience!
By Temika M for The Gateway Experience Ghana (optional Dubai, Benin & Togo extensions) on 29 Nov, 2019
This experience hands down has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had outside of birthing my children. The knowledge and understanding of what our ancestors went though made any history books they have in school not worth ever looking at. I encourage any and everyone to put this on their bucket list. It’s truly an eye opener.
By Tamika m for The Gateway Experience Ghana (optional Dubai, Benin & Togo extensions) on 29 Nov, 2019