Thank you Maximum Impact for this amazing, culturally rich, and life-changing tour. As a person who had never planned to travel to Africa due to negative narratives passed down through generations and the media, Jay Cameron's travel shows and training gave me the courage and confidence to step out and go. I was not disappointed. The food and accommodations were very pleasing. The activities were well thought out and worthwhile. I highly encourage people, especially of the African Diaspora to do themselves a favor and go on this tour. I'm so glad that I did not leave this earth without visiting Mother Africa. I loved it and definitely plan to travel with Maximum Impact on future tours. (Michelle J. )
By Michelle J for The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th thru April 1, 2022 on 08 Apr, 2022
This was without a doubt THE best trip I have ever been on. It packed so much in the time we were in Ghana. The service is pretty much White Glove in that if you follow directions you will not have a worry in the world. The people were so friendly and professional. This was not a vacation, this was an Experience! Our group was amazing and I hope to keep in touch with each one of them. We are actually planning on having a reunion with Maximum Impact in Tanzania. Jay, you're amazing brother! What you are doing and have done is not only inspirational but it is truly missionary. Please keep it up. Thank you and your entire team for waking us up.
By Gerard L for The Gateway Experience Ghana - March 25th - April 1st 2022 on 03 Apr, 2022
This was the best trip I have ever taken. The tour provided a great educational and inspirational experience. There was something to captivate the interest of the young and old. Jay and his crew were very professional and made every effort to accommodate individual and group needs. I will never forget this tour and I will always remember the individuals with whom I shared this great journey.
By Sherlie T for The Gateway Experience Ghana - November 2021 on 14 Nov, 2021


Customer service exceptional! What a pleasure to work with Maximum Impact Travel for this trip. They are thorough and very attentive as there are several steps to traveling to Ghana; the entire Maximum Impact team made the booking process seamless with EASY-to-follow instructions. All questions I had were answered promptly and professionally. And, oh my goodness, once you get to Ghana, you will be warmly received by the Maximum Impact team and treated like a V.I.P. Accommodations are clean and super-comfortable and offer all amenities. Don’t hesitate booking the trip if you’re traveling solo as I was. It’s a trip of a lifetime where you will meet wonderful traveling companions, tour the country with knowledgeable guides and wish that the trip was longer. I LOVED IT! A powerful and stirring cultural tour that also includes fun-loving activities. Outstanding job by Maximum Impact. I’m already planning my next tour with you.
By Linda P on 11 Nov, 2021