The trip was absolutely AMAZING! Jelani Women far exceeding my expectations. Everything from the itinerary to the food to the group of ladies on the trip was extraordinary. I would encourage everyone to take the journey home with Jelani Women Travel; you will not regret it.
By MaritaPilar Q for Ghana NYE on 14 Jan, 2022
Man!! I had such a great time on this trip. Due to COVID, we had to make some modifications to the trip, but everything turned out great. The beginning of the trip was packed with activities, so when we got the chance to just relax by the pool in the sun for a couple of days, we took advantage. I'd definitely recommend planning a trip with Jelani Women or having them curate a personal trip for you. Well worth it.
By Stephanie A for Stephanie's 40th East African Bday Bash on 12 Jan, 2022
My children and I had a great time! We enjoyed the sights, eating all the good Senegalese food, meeting amazing people and making new connections!
By Latoya C for Senegal & The Gambia on 08 Jan, 2022