Past Trips

Divine Connection: 2 , 3 or 5 Day ThetaHealing® Seminar & Retreat
Divine Connection: 2 , 3 or 5 Day ThetaHealing® Seminar & Retreat
Danville, CA, USA - Luminary Farm, 3100 Finley Rd. 94526
17 Jan, 19
Awaken Your Intuition: 3-Day ThetaHealing® Retreat
Awaken Your Intuition: 3-Day ThetaHealing® Retreat
Danville, CA, USA - Luminary Farm, 3100 Finley Rd. 94526
21 Sep, 18


Jenni and Maris like to say in Yoga practice "you create your own experience". That is meant for the experience we create on the mat, but also off the mat. It can be difficult to see that no matter what happens to us, we do have some power over how we experience our life. Even while in Yoga class I tend to credit the instructor more than myself for the positive (and negative) experiences I have. In this retreat I got closer to experiencing my power in creating my own experience on the mat, and off the mat. It is invaluable to have guides on such a journey. Both Jenni and Maris talk about a path they walk. One can tell by the authenticity that is felt and which inspires. I encourage anybody this speaks to to dare to make the jump. And to try to be as open-minded as possible. I did, and I appreciated the retreat deeply. p.s. Luminary Farms is an absolutely wonderful place for such exploration!
I cannot speak highly enough about this experience. I felt so spoiled, supported, loved, and uplifted by everyone involved. Jenni and Maris were incredible. They did an outstanding job of holding space for us and gently guiding our group deeper each day. The food was delicious, the setting was beautiful, the company was superb. I would absolutely recommend any offering from Just Be.
My daughter and I had a wonderful weekend of unplugged time. Jenni and Maris put together a beautiful program. We are very grateful for the people we met, the food we shared and for the hope of meeting again. Liza & Sara
This was an amazing retreat! Everything was perfect- the yoga, the food, the surprises, the meditation, the people! Maris and Jenni planned everything to a T to make for a special weekend that I won’t soon forget. Thank you!!
Such an amazing farm! Dr. Zach Bush and Jenn were incredible. What an amazing day :)
Best day ever! Luminary Farm and the surroundings were magical. Zach and Jenn were warm, welcoming hosts, and the vibe was electric. The facilities were comfortable and beautiful, and the food was fantastic! I would have appreciated a few less folks at dinner; I believe when we signed up that it said it would be limited to 30. Overall, thank you thank you for an inspiring day that I'm still thinking about!
Dr Zach Bush brings deep to-our-core insights about Life, Health, Community, and hope for life on beautiful Mother Earth! It's easy to love ourselves, each other, Mother Earth, and Doc Zach as we experience his heart, wisdom, and paradigm-shifting health-related insights. Jenn Perell's wisdom, insight, and precious spirit lead us into welcoming the truth-of-who-we-are thru meditation and yoga. Jenn's presence lights up the room. The Luminary Farm / My Just Be Yoga offers the juiciest beauty, most delightful welcome, and amazing experiences. What an incredible place to experience anything special in life. Piatti restaurant catered a luscious nutritious dinner with a wonderful theme of fermented foods to match our Microbiome event. Their food felt like Life, Health, Art and hospitality all in one. Their dedication is so apparent. And much appreciation to WeTravel for making this all easy to arrange and enjoy. You'll love the photos at Loving gratitude from Jeanine
A very unique property with beautiful views of Mt. Diablo. It was excellent for the lecture & yoga & dinner. There was plenty of room to seat 100 guests on the shaded front porch looking out on the scenery while Dr. Bush spoke to us & then the side yard was used for the yoga mats easily holding 50 people. The open dining/chef kitchen was perfect for our group to move inside.
Manifest Maui was an amazing experience. Yoga twice a day and healthy delicious food prepared for us twice a day- what a treat! I felt taken care of and included, yet autonomous enough to enjoy side adventures. What makes this retreat really special is the setting and the people. Would I do it again? You bet!
This workshop was so healing and what a beautiful place to learn and grow. Thank you!!!
An amazing experience at the beautiful farm. Perfect setting, great class and beautiful music, the food was incredible and seasonal as well.
Amazing evening! The yoga was superb, the music was so beautiful, I love the magical setting. The food from Piatti exceeded expectations and it was so lovely to enjoy wine overlooking the sunset and mountains with great people. I would definitely recommend this and think that the value is much higher than the $50 I paid.
The location was amazing! We were given the option to arrive early to enjoy the surroundings and pool! Appreciated the attention to detail throughout the event - instruction, yoga, support, meals. Especially liked the access to instructors and assistants for questions during and between sessions. Very grateful to have such a lovely location in the local area that provides such a beautiful setting for instruction and retreats. Thank you Jenni, Kara, ad Laura for your time, wonderful instruction and hospitality!!! I will definitely return and recommend Luminary Farms!!!
This was an amazing experience! Theta healing really opened me. I am still digesting all the knowledge. The grounds are special you can feel the magic in the air. I love the church we had yoga in. The people were amazing warm and welcoming. It felt like a group of friends coming together for the weekend despite the fact I knew no one beforehand. And last but not least...the food was nourishing and delicious. Thank you Jenni and team for creating this event.


Attended an amazing lecture with Dr. Zach Bush at the Luminary Farm. Beautiful setting, perfectly curated event. Looking forward to next time.
By Owen Monroy on 9 Apr, 19