I had a great time. Paula and Jennifer did a wonderful job and all trips, activities had met my expectations. I am very grateful for the extended stay and the wonderful experience in Amsterdam, Santorini and Athens.
By Jaro Snopek for Greek Island Yoga Retreat on 05 Oct, 2019
Our trip was fantastic! The perfect balance of yoga, activities and down time! Jen and Paula had the perfect level of yoga and mixed it up with rooftop and hanging yoga. The people in our group were wonderful. All in all it was a great experience and we hope to join them again!
By Lorelei Clark for Greek Island Yoga Retreat on 16 Sep, 2019
What a wonderful long weekend. The yoga was fantastic, the activities like the farmer's market and hike were excellent too! The food was good although Sycamore Mineral Hot Springs seems to have vegan confused with high carb. More veges like soups and stir fry , even next time. The coconut yogurt was good though and the dinner. Really loved all the people and the positive vibes. Highly recommended.