This was a fantastic experience. Patti & Jenny's expertise in planning a special time is really not to be missed. The daily yoga and meditation classes balanced nicely with down time by the pool & special side trips. I am so grateful to have been able to join this group of wonderful woman. I will definitely join them again if I'm in Italy in September next year, or in years to come. Mille Grazie!
By Michele G for YogaBella Wellness, Peace and Serenity in the Italian Countryside on 23 Sep, 2021
Michele....I am just now seeing this. We are so grateful for you to trust and join us. I hope you can jot over every year we will find a place for you. xoxo
By Jenny Kaufman & Patti Lupo on 17 Dec, 2021
at first, i thought only a miracle could make this trip happen, but Locanda has a special energy that makes these miracles happen. Everything about this trip was just perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The rooms were spacious and very clean, the food was amazing, and the staff was always friendly and energetic. As always, my yoga teachers were incredible and made sure everyone had a great experience! All the group members were very involved in the process and this made it even more enjoyable. This was my second time traveling to Locanda with my close friend, and it was as great as we expected- even better! I am already dreaming about my next trip to Locanda ! Looking forward! All the best, Esmira
By Esmira T for YogaBella Wellness, Peace and Serenity in the Italian Countryside on 20 Sep, 2021
Esmira. THANK YOU for taking the time to write a review. Yes this year was a MIRACLE. I couldn't agree more about the energy at Locanda, the first time I went there I told myself that some how/some way I would find a way to go back annually. I'm excited you feel the same! XO
By Jenny Kaufman & Patti Lupo on 20 Sep, 2021
This was such a lovely retreat in Italy. Jenny and Patti made everyone feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of yoga experience. Between the day trips to the lovely nearby towns, wine tasting, pasta making, and yoga classes there was plenty to do and plenty of time to relax by the pool. It was a great balance of activity and relaxation. The owners and staff at the farmhouse were amazing and plied us with food and wine. This was a great trip to destress and see a beautiful part of the world.
By Shalaka T for YogaBella Wellness, Peace and Serenity in the Italian Countryside on 18 Sep, 2021
Shalaka! Thank you for taking the time to write a review! Youa re a delight and by far one of the easiest retreat paticipants ever! I love that you took full advantage of everythign that was offered. I apprecite you. XOXO
By Jenny Kaufman & Patti Lupo on 18 Sep, 2021