What a fantastic experience. The setting was great, with our group as the sole occupants of the resort (Prana del Mar). The resort staff were all awesome, friendly and helpful. Physically, the facility was very clean and well maintained. You are steps from the beach, and we were lucky enough to get endless whale shows all week right off shore. Town is a van ride away, but I was plenty happy staying on the property for the majority of the week. The food is mostly vegetarian with some seafood, which is not how I typically eat, but I really enjoyed it and hope to incorporate more of that type of food now that I am back home. As for the yoga, note that I am a 50+ guy, not very experienced, but Jen and Jess were able to teach the classes to meet the varying ability, including for me and for the students who were also certified yoga instructors. I am much more comfortable with the yoga than I was a week ago, and intend to up my practice now that I am home. The other participants were also very welcoming and supportive of a less experienced person like me. I can't say enough good things about the experience.
By Matt Berns for LIVE LOVE YOGA on 02 Mar, 2020
Matt! Thanks for taking the time to write a review! What a week huh? I am still having trouble with re-entry. Thanks for trusting and coming along. We appreciate the energy you bring (as well as the guitar) and cannot wait to see you in class! Best. JK
This trip with Jenny and Jess could not have been better. So much thought and hard work was put into every aspect. The accommodations and staff could not have been nicer, the location was stunning with a good mix of relaxation and optional activities, the meals were delicious and the yoga was well designed to be perfect in every way. I highly recommend this trip as well as anything that Jess and Jenny plan.
By Elizabeth Hennion for LIVE LOVE YOGA on 02 Mar, 2020
Oooo thanks for doing this. Helpful beyond measure! You guys were awesome to have along. What a special thing for you and your daughter to share! See you soon for hugs! jk
Loved this trip! Excellent classes with Jen and Jess! Great food! Outstanding accommodations! Wish the retreat would have gone on forever!
By christina bueno for LIVE LOVE YOGA on 02 Mar, 2020
Me too! Re-entry is hard. Thank you for writing a review and for trusting to come along. Amazing time. JK