So I am about a year late on this review, but I find myself reminiscing about my whole trip to Italy in Sep 2018. Yoga Bella was an AMAZING retreat with two of the best yoga instructors you can find. This trip was the beginning of a new journey for me and this retreat was an added plus! After this retreat, I was stronger in my practice and truly at peace. I can see why Patti and Jenny return every year!
By Gina O for Yoga Bella A Blissful Retreat in the Umbrian Countryside on 18 Jul, 2019
Yoga Bella was a phenomenal experience for so many reasons (beautiful location, farm to table meals, lovely staff) but it was Patti and Jenny that made this yoga retreat pure magic. They have an incredible warm energy that brought our entire, relatively diverse, group of yogis (ranging in age from 20-70, novice to advanced) together for 5 days of laughter, deep conversations, wine drinking, day trips and yoga, yoga , yoga. Yes, the weather was less than ideal (little did I know Italy was experiencing the same wet, cold May weather I was enjoying back in Chicago!) and in the end it really didn't matter. As yoga retreat leaders and teachers, they knew how to hold space for each and every one of us, honoring our individual reasons for traveling to Umbria, and gently helping us to notice and celebrate the beauty around us...and more importantly within us. They also worked seamlessly in tandem, both on the mat - where they team taught, swapping roles between leading the vinyasa flow and amazing hands on assists - and off (airport transfers were smooth, lost passports were recovered (really!), gluten-free food options were available). A truly beautiful experience. Grazie Yoga Bella!
By Haley W for Yoga Bella Springtime in Umbria 2019 on 10 Jun, 2019
Very well organized & planned yoga retreat!! Great meals, yoga classes, excursions & retreat grounds very nice! People were all friendly & welcoming!
By Janice A for Yoga Bella Springtime in Umbria 2019 on 08 Jun, 2019