Past Trips


Anything with Seane is always good for the soul. I'd go see her anywhere!
Seane is brilliant every time I attend one of her events. Always grateful for the experience. Skylands Sanctuary is so full of compassion beings and Mike is a force to be reckoned with!!
Such a wonderful experience surrounded by like-minded folk. The animal sanctuary is an interesting and exciting place to which I look forward to returning! Seane Corn is down to earth, I’m honored to have practiced yoga with her and grateful for the opportunity to meet great people and contribute to the cause of loving and caring for all living beings.
Attended a Yoga Workshop at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Benefit with Seane Corn. The Yoga Class was really great. Seane is warm and welcoming and makes everyone know how much she appreciates our attendance. Seane not only taught a Yoga Class but also spoke of Animal rights and veganism. It was very educational and heartfelt. Lunch was vegan food and very good ,tasty and filling. A tour was given by Mike who is the owner/operator of this farm and he is so knowledgeable of what he is teaching and describing of animal cruelty and why we should be mostly aware of what we are eating . It was a very wonderful afternoon and I truly learned a lot . Everyone should visit this farm and do a tour. You might think twice before you consume meat. I will most definitely. Thank you to all the employees at the farm who were so nice and made us feel so at home. I will return very soon., It's a really fabulous farm and the animals are so people friendly.
Mike and Seane are a great team. This is my 4th time at Skylands for this event and I learn something new every time. PLUS - Seane teaches in a beautiful space - a ballroom with cherubs on the ceiling! It's magical!
The stay at Commune was amazing. The rich history of the canyon was really awesome... all but the Manson murder thing. :) The food was fantastic and clean. The accommodations were beyond what we anticipated. Seane Corn is obviously the reason that we signed up for this retreat and she did not disappoint. I would love to see a teacher training in this space, or some space, with Seane Corn. I feel like I need more of her influence in my teaching and my life. Thank you so much for hosting. I will be looking at this venue for future events.
The accommodations, food and location were fantastic; a perfect compliment to Seane’s classes and style. I would highly recommend this trip and hope to repeat it myself someday!
I had a wonderful experience in an amazing venue. thank you.
This 4 day retreat was grace filled in every way. Seane's skillful and heart filled yoga practices were complimented with her sharing her beautiful Topanga world and sharing her inner world through her book writing journey. Seane's assistant Jess was present and available to ensure that our stay and experiences were smooth and effortless. She is a GEM. The accommodations were beautiful, quiet, clean and spacious. I was able to find some private moments anytime I needed to and the shared space was beautiful for deep and nourishing connections. The Chef,Amanda, offered beautifully and lovingly prepared vegan meals (abundance of food) custom made for dietary needs. I left this retreat feeling refreshed, clear and with an open heart. Thank you Seane for making it flow so easily and being so committed to your life purpose.
Fantastic weekend of community, yoga, and self-care. The accommodations were so beautiful and the attention to detail around the venue was not overlooked. Our vegan chef for the weekend consistently provided nutritious food with so much flavor and love. Yoga with Seane was the perfect combination of challenging and restorative the yoga studio was like practicing in a treehouse I went home feeling cared for and relaxed. 🙏
I re-calibrated. I exhaled. I got quiet...a spiritual and physical tune-up with myself. ... first of all, practicing yoga with Seane Corn - it is a privilege not afforded everyone, and I get that. I feel so fortunate to have the means and circumstances to practice yoga and attend a retreat with her. As a side bar, I always worry that I'll meet the people I admire and they won't live up to my expectation(s), so imagine how pleased I was to see/learn that I had nothing to be concerned about - she is amazing. I know I am gushing, but I loved everything - the space, the practice, the gentle probing questions that helped me examine and find my own truth. ...and the food was ridiculous. I daydream about that food.
I was very disappointed to not be able to attend. When there was a spot available I signed up. The day before I was to travel- I had been diagnosed with the flu and sent an email to Jessica. I never heard back. I keep getting follow-up emails and I’m wondering if anyone noticed I wasn’t there? I’ll admit it was a little surprising not to hear anything back. I always enjoy what Seane. has to offer and I’m hopeful I will have another opportunity. Of course spending money and not getting there was a bummer. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to send feedback. Missy Radclffe
You know a retreat was a success when you integrate back into your daily life, kids, career, etc with more grace, more love, more compassion and more gratitude. During the retreat, I enjoyed the other participants, fabulous staff, challenging yoga practice and amazing food. The environment was beautiful and refreshing. I hope Seane hosts this retreat annually...or perhaps quarterly?! I need more of this in my life!
I was so happy and completely fulfilled by this experience with Seane. Food was amazing, the people in the class were wonderful and I can't wait until the next time!
Amazing place with incredible people! Of course it would be it’s Seane Corn!!!


By Justin Randolph on 8 Nov, 19