This trip was so very enjoyable!!! Perfect location, beautiful facilities and amazing food at every single meal. The staff was genuinely pleasant and helpful. I swam in the warm ocean every day and even got to watch the whales have their fun at a distance. Thank you to Jess Trudeau and Callie Feakin for organizing this trip. I loved doing yoga in the jungle while hearing the ocean waves below us. Such an experience!!! I came back refreshed and feeling more fit than ever.
The Stoke Your Bliss retreat with Jess Trudeau and Callie Feakin was AWESOME! They are incredible teachers - balancing the accuracy of the poses with spiritual sensitivity and "regular people" type yoga practice. Xinalani is a fantastic location. Great service, incredible food, wonderful people, and beautiful accommodations. I'd go again in a heartbeat. I left wishing that I either lived closer to an ocean or closer to Jess's yoga practice! Thank you for a wonderful experience! xoxo
What an amazing trip! Callie and Jess knocked it out of the park. Resort was fabulous and beautiful. everything was perfect!!!