Best Ayahausca retreat I have ever been to. Everything ran very smoothly and the food and accomodation was amazing. The shamans and people running the retreat are beautiful people and by the end we all felt like family. Can't wait to return
By Marshall M for Journey To The Heart ❤ - June 19th-26th on 05 Jul, 2021
An absolutely remarkable experience! The location itself is lovely - Bromelia Lodge is a spiritual oasis close to a sleepy little beach town. It’s a safe space and the accommodations are very comfortable. The Ayllu Medicina team is made of the kindest, sweetest people that you are sure to end up calling family by the end of the retreat. The overall experience of the retreat is transformational but with as with any personal growth it can be a challenging experience so you absolutely need to make sure you’re in the right hands - and i assure you that with Aime, Hwaneeta, Mika and Jill, you will be loved and supported every step of the journey. The retreat goes well beyond yoga, clean eating and plant medicine (which we are awesome components), Aime and Hwaneeta’s teachings, music and guidance help you understand ancient native american traditions and help you re-connect with your true self, the simple principles of life and with a higher purpose. It’s is truly beautiful retreat- full of music, movement, prayer, teachings, healing and nourishing and delicious meals.
By Mirela T for Journey To The Heart ❤ - June 19th-26th on 05 Jul, 2021
I've been back a month from this retreat, and I think I'm still integrating some of the things I experienced! I took away powerful tools for growth and I plan to return next year for more. Ecuador is a beautiful place and the retreat center very peaceful. Although some parts of the retreat were challenging for me (a good challenge) I felt that my trip was relaxing and healing in many ways. The food is delicious and fresh, and the people are caring and genuine. Right away I felt that I could trust the team at Ayllu Medicina and I can't recommend this retreat enough!
By Melissa M for 7 Day Transformational Plant Medicine Retreat-April 17th-24th on 24 May, 2021


Eme and Juanita are an amazing team of shamans! I’ve had ceremonies before but never like the one I had thanks to them. They are incredibly in sink with powerful male and female energies. They are very knowledgeable and great musicians as well. They make you feel welcome from beginning to end and help you have a better understanding of your experience. Their words are always meaningful and wise. I look forward to meeting them again.
By Marcos A on 04 Dec, 2020