I had a time of calm contentment, not worrying about what I should be doing or anything else. Dionne & Joanne managed to create a connected space where I felt I was fully present and I could give myself permission to just enjoy & learn from them. Thank you very much & I hope to do it again!
This was such a fantastic session with Joanne and Dionne that left me so beautifully recharged. I had had a terrible backache that's better after the yoga session and what a healing MOMENT!!! I will share the 6th June session widely. Keep doing what you both are doing and what JOY reconnecting with you both. Thank YOU!!! Love xxx Musonda.
Another awesome retreat! The location, food, yoga and other activities were all fabulous. Dionne and Joanne really know how to make these events special.
By Clare Ward for BBB Watamu Treehouse Retreat on 25 Nov, 2019