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Most lovely experience! Jyl has such a heart for the land, chocolate, and yoga. She is very knowledgeable and her wisdom, enthusiasm, and peace is contagious. The trip is well planned and the venues, food, and experiences are life changing. If you are thinking about it but not sure...just do it! Your life will not be the same and you will not regret it!
A special heartfelt Thank you to Jyl Kutsche and her team of expert guides and teachers. The Yoga of Chocolate: Journey of the Senses vastly exceeded any expectations I had for traveling to my forgotten childhood dream location of Peru and Machu Picchu! I have attended Jyl’s Yoga of Chocolate workshops and have thoroughly enjoyed them and was fascinated by her passion for cacao and stories of the amazing country of Peru that led to my decision for this retreat. Every detail of the yoga retreat at Sacha Munay, Sacred Valley was perfectly coordinated for the comfort and enjoyment of our group to enjoy yoga, ceremony, star gazing, hiking, self care bodywork, delicious organic meals and the finest and most delicious chocolate tasting on the planet. Guided sightseeing tours to Marsal, Moray, Chinchero and Pisac for shopping complimented the amazing cultural experiences of the Sacred Valley and Cuzco region.
After the Journey of the Senses of the Sacred Valley half of our group then continued on through the Andean rainforest to visit a cacao farm in the amazon jungle to enrich our appreciation of where cacao is grown among coffee and many varieties of citrus. We then participated in harvesting the cacao, roasting the beans and processing it to increase our knowledge and depth of appreciation in the amount of work that goes into making chocolate. It is truly a labor of love and an inherent pride of the farmers that grow it. The journey of the senses continued on as we hiked a portion of the Inca trail to Aguas Calientes for the night and to be the first bus to arrive for the most epic experience of sunrise on Machu Picchu! A deep bow of gratitude to Jyl and her expert guides for this life changing experience ~ Namaste
It was a really wonderful trip. Well planned for, with the right balance between inner journey and outward experiences in a magical land. Accommodations were very good, people in the group and taking care of us super nice. Great Adventure! Thank you,Jyl and all.
We cannot recommend The Yoga of Chocolate : A Journey through the Senses/Sacred Valley enough! Jyl Kutsche is a kind, generous and thoughtful leader and teacher. Her passion for Chocolate, yoga and movement and the beauty of the culture, the people and the environment of the Sacred Valley is contagious. Each aspect of the retreat was well organized with each destination, activity and guide offering unique and thoughtful perspectives on Peru. Jyl has done her work in searching out lovely locations to stay, day- visits and guides that are articulate and knowledgable about the sites. We came away in love with Peru and hope to visit again. My husband and I were older participants and would not hesitate to join Jyl for another retreat! We highly recommend Jyl Kutsche's retreat offerings!
What can I say? This trip followed a week-long retreat around yoga and chocolate, and it was a wonderful continuation of that week. Visiting Ambrosia & Mario in the jungle and doing a bit of work with cacao (but mostly enjoying Ambrosia's food, playing with the dogs, eating the fruit, and listening to the birds), felt like a huge privilege. And Machu Picchu was absolutely breathtaking (thank you Pachamama for the PERFECT morning sun!). I am grateful to Jyl for setting me on this cacao path, but also for arranging such wonderful guides both for this trip, and for the retreat. Roger added a lot to this trip: his stories, his patience, and his willingness to jump in really took this trip to the next level (pardon the pun). Kudos must also go to Aurelio and his masterful driving. And to the new and wonderful Jaya hotel in Aguas Calientes. If you're at all curious about cacao, not afraid to get your hands dirty, and want to dip a toe into another world, this is the trip for you.
I cannot think of how this trip could have been better! The retreat centre, Sach'a Munay was a wonderful home away from home: comfortable rooms, lots of space to play and roam around, wonderful studio for yoga with all the best props, the most helpful and lovely staff that clearly loved their jobs, and some of the most delicious food (and the sweetest dogs). It really was a magical place, and we were completely spoiled. Jyl's masterful, heartfelt, and intelligent teaching - I'm speaking of the yoga and the chocolate - was an inspiration, a balm to the senses, and EXACTLY what I needed but didn't know that at the time. To top it off, the other retreatants were wonderful. The week itself was so well thought out and there was a wonderful balance between asana, meditation, chocolate, socializing, the exploration of culture, and gazing at the stars. And I really enjoyed Melissa's voice workshop. It was a joy and an honour to share this week with everyone. It was truly a transformative experience.
This was an amazing experience in the most beautiful place. Jyl and Adriane had very different yoga styles, but it was a beautiful balance and I believe we all had a deep long lasting connection with one another. The food was amazing and the outings were always an adventure. Thank you for this experience and I honor you both for the wisdom and Love that you hold.
Adriane & Jyl were amazing! Such a great week of personal expansion. The retreat center was beautiful, and the food was fresh and delicious!
This trip was amazing the villa the food and spiritual guidance. It was way beyond my expectations. I feel a deep gratitude and love for everyone involved. Thank you