Past Trips


Thanks so much to Kari and Theresa for this wonderful week of yoga and relaxation. It was truly the perfect combination of yoga/meditation practice and relaxation. I particularly valued and admired how tuned in both instructors were to the individual needs of their students. Classes were both challenging and rewarding. The setting was truly a paradise and the food was phenomenal! I returned to the remainder of my NH winter with a warmth and openness that has inspired me to continue practicing yoga, meditation and relaxation...I've added the visualization of being in my new favorite "happy place" at the Iguana Lodge on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to get me through the rest of winter. Thanks for everything and I hope to be able to practice with you again in the future. Namaste!?
By Helene A for Costa Rica Yoga and Relaxation Retreat on 12 Mar, 2017