I had a really great time hiking and eating pizza with some wonderful ladies! Thankyou first arranging an oportunity to check out one of the hikes Saskatchewan has to offer!
By Kristen D for Free Saskatchewan Ladies Meet Up on 20 Aug, 2018
The Lady Alliance group hike meet-up was an awesome opportunity to get to meet a group of girls in Saskatchewan who share common interests and are wanting to enjoy the outdoors together! It was great that we got to know eachother throughout the hike, and we had the chance to visit more during the post-hike pizza session. If there is another opportunity for a Sask group hike I would 100% go again and grab some more girlfriends to tag along! Thanks so much Kieren for putting this hike together. You're doing an amazing job connecting women across the country through hiking.
By Kelsey S for Free Saskatchewan Ladies Meet Up on 13 Aug, 2018


The Lady Alliance absolutely mastered the perfect balance of providing courses and trips that are appealing and challenging, while combining like-minded women with common goals, all in beautiful locations with awesome leaders, guides, and representatives! I will definitely be signing up for more courses in the future, and I suggest that you do the same!
By Katie S on 22 Feb, 2018