Past Trips

Acadia Women's Retreat
Acadia Women's Retreat
Winter Harbor, ME, USA
5 Sep, 19
Yellowstone Backpacking Retreat
Yellowstone Backpacking Retreat
Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA
14 Jul, 19


This was an AWESOME trip. Our SOLO trainer, Kelsey, was amazing - her knowledge was sky-high, and the live-action clinical labs cemented what we had learned during class time. There was plenty of movement to the class - seriously one of the best training's I've ever taken. Backcountry Yoga's incorporation of body movement and community in the event enhanced it so much - I was able to retain more, center more, and really engage with the information presented. Laura is an outstanding instructor, and ran a tight, well-oiled, organized trip while paying attention to the emotional and spiritual needs of participants. The lodging was in a beautiful setting, and the kitchen, bathroom and bunk rooms were super clean, welcoming, and accessible. While I didn't participate in the meal plan, I wish that I had! Options were home made, organic, and accommodated all kinds of allergy needs. I cant wait for Laura's next excursion. I left this retreat feeling centered, informed, and so much better prepared for adventures in the mountains. I cant recommend this retreat enough to others who are looking to enhance their knowledge of the back country, and connect more - with yourself, other participants, and nature.
We were very pleased with our resort accommodations and staff there were very helpful and friendly. The weather wasn't cooperating with our ski plans, but we made the best of it and were still able to ski the next day. We loved the participation in the yoga classes and thought it was the perfect amount of time and practice. We would definitely go on another Skiing Yoga Backcountry adventure again.
Had a great time! Laura varied the yoga classes with poses, music and flow. The timing of the events, along with free time to enjoy activities at the resort was well planned! I enjoyed meeting the other attendees and would definitely go back.
Grounding, Inspirational, filled with community & so easy to be apart of no matter where you came from.
This trip was exactly what I hoped it would be. THANKS to all of the work and the accommodations were awesome i hope to be able to take this trip again !!!!
It must be experienced to be explained. Incredible and highly recommended!
What a wonderful weekend! Magic must have brought this group together because I cannot imagine meeting all these people by chance. We had amazing accommodations and the best activities planned for us. I loved every single person I shared this journey with and hope to see them all again for Root to Rise 2019 (with the Zumba add on of course!)
This trip filled my heart with more joy than I thought it could hold. I met some incredible people, saw some beautiful views, and laughed more than I have in a long time. Laura and Kasey were amazing leaders and I cannot wait to take my next trip with them!!!!!!!
This trip was life changing. Laura and Joel led our group on an empowering weekend of outdoor adventure. Laura led us on an amazing hike and made us all feel prepared and taken care of. Laura and Joel provided an unexpected but very much appreciated gourmet meal for us in the rustic cabin. One of my favorite parts was hiking up to south peak to watch the sunset, truly magical. Laura and Joel brought back all the nostalgia of summer camp by telling ghost stories by the campfire, and surprising us with a dessert of s'mores rice crispy treats. Such an amazing weekend!
Absolutely incredible experience! Laura and Joel are great teachers and the whole trip was so much fun. I definitely recommend taking any trip with them, you are guaranteed a great time and a meaningful experience.
We had a great time. The Yoga classes were fantastic! Helpful for before and after skiing. The hot tub was great, as well as the breakfast. I'm definitely thinking about going on this trip again next year.
They were awesome. Amazing accommodations. Very thoughtful and responsive organizers. I don’t think the breakfast service the hotel service uses is good. Better off getting coffee and bagels elsewhere. Would do again.
Great weekend getaway packed with yoga, tasty cider, and a fun day on the mountain. I only wish the trip had been longer! Partnering relaxing yoga sessions, spa treatment and hot tub action, and a full day of snowboarding is a match made in heaven. Can't wait to invite more friends to join on this trip again next year.
How can you go wrong when you are in the beautiful wilderness during the day and then yoga to balance the body and soul~ thank you so much !
Stowe Ski & Yoga retreat was amazing! There were 4 yoga classes offered and a day of skiiing. This was the perfect amount and balance for a 2 night trip. The value was great ! Dinner and 2 breakfasts were included. The hostess/organizer, Laura was awesome! Accommodating, informative, hospitable and enjoyable. I can’t wait for my next Backcountry yoga trip !
Thankful to be a part of this trip and experience!
This trip was absolutely fantastic! Laura and Joel did a wonderful job ensuring that we were all prepared before leaving for the hike (they even helped us put on our packs appropriately). Throughout the hike, they ensured that we were all comfortable with the hiking pace. The yoga portion of the trip was perfect. We did some beautiful sun salutations at the top of our first peak. Then, we did some restorative yoga after our first day of hiking and some meditative/restorative yoga prior to our hiking the next morning. The group dynamics were incredible. We all got along very well- we laughed and became immediate friends. We're all looking forward to hiking together again soon. Laura has even started a post-trip Facebook page, so we can connect with all Backcountry Yoga alums. I highly recommend Backcountry Yoga, and I cannot wait to join another one of their trips!
The hike was challenging but absolutely worth the gorgeous views. The instructors were kind and understanding. A storm rolled in very quickly once we hit the summit. We all rushed down to escape it and had to skip the yoga on the mountain. While I completely understand that there is no way to control the weather I am disappointed in the company for not refunding us some of the money or reaching out to let us go on another trip for free or discounted. $70 was a lot to pay for a hike my friend and I could have done on our own for $5 each to park. I will not be joining this company again for any hiking/yoga experience because I feel like they do not value or respect their customers. Very sad about this trip.
What a great day ! Jen and Lauren were the best ! You won't go wrong if you head out with them.
We had an awesome time! Laura and Joel were fantastic guides. I'm new to hiking, but the pace and structure of the trip was perfect! Thanks again! Krissy
Laura and Joel were wonderful trip-leaders. The accommodations at the hut were nice, and the hikes were challenging with beautiful views. I would recommend a Backcountry Yoga trip to anyone.


I loved the Backcountry Yoga 20 hr Outdoor Yoga Guide training so much. It was so good for my soul. Laura is a natural teacher who exudes so much wisdom from her personal experience and studies of yoga, nature, and science. I found this training to be a perfect balance of education, safety, creativity, nature, and spiritual teachings. It was such a gift to spend the weekend with Laura and the other yoga teachers in the group. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in bringing a group into nature for a yoga class or yoga hike attend this training,.
By Amy Sinclair on 18 Jun, 18
Backcountry Yoga provides an exceptional experience its clientele and I can attest that it is because of the hard work, research, and attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes, months in advance. We have coordinated travel and events with Laura and Backcountry yoga several times over the last several years. Laura takes a creative and passionate approach to planning, and is very detail oriented, making sure that her experiences are thoroughly planned and organized, and also making sure that all of her guests know exactly what to expect.
By SnowRiders on 3 Mar, 20