This weekend was the most incredible of my life. I learned a new way to care for myself and others. I connected with my Higher Power and Mother Earth through a beautiful meditation. I saw and did things that totally blew my mind. I made great new friends and connected with people in a whole new way. I felt safe and supported. I also enjoyed the facilitators. They are very down to earth and approachable. I loved it!
By Diane M for Connect and Know 3 Day ThetaHealing® Seminar & Retreat on 19 Nov, 2019
What an amazing, immersive, fun, and fulfilling weekend! Laura is an wonderful facilitator and she surrounded herself with gifted and loving support staff. The other participants were enthusiastic and supportive and the information and learning I received was rewarding and inspiring. I look forward to future opportunities to learn and grow with Laura and her team and am grateful for the immense growth opportunity I experienced this past weekend. Thank you!
By Shell P for Connect and Know 3 Day ThetaHealing® Seminar & Retreat on 14 Nov, 2019
Laura rocked it again. Thank you for the wonderful Theta Healing Journey!
By Kathryn C for Connect and Know 3 Day ThetaHealing® Seminar & Retreat on 12 Nov, 2019