Past Trips

Cruising to Cuba
Cruising to Cuba
Havana, Cuba & Nassau
23 May, 2019


The trip planner was absolutely useless. I made the most of my time, but I never want to pay anyone to book anything for me again. Our expectations were not met, rooms were not properly selected, and we could have easily arranged this trip in a much better way on our own. Besides that, the ship was not properly maintained, with rust all over the hull and disgusting pools and jacuzzi with visible dirt, hair, and food floating around.
We had a FANTASTIC time. I love traveling to Jamaica. This time was such a great experience. There were lots of comforts that i didn't expect. Even excursions that i had done before were still a great time from the additional items included. I absolutely enjoyed myself. Thanks again!
We had the most amazing time in Jamaica. The whole process from airport transportation to hotel and food was superb. Could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you for taking care of us. -Vanessa