The accommodations and food and yoga were great. And big thanks to Marina for allowing me special kitchen privileges! However, a couple of things I reasonably want for $3000 a week: There is hot water for showers only during certain hours of the day. We weren't told this upon arrival, so after two attempts at a hot shower, I took one with cool/lukewarm water. Not good. Turn on the hot water. Also, this is the 21st century -- so in spite of Cocoon's virtue signaling "great opportunity" demurral/excuse in the small print ("Please keep in mind we are in the countryside, not NYC. This is a great opportunity to leave your phone in your room, and enjoy nature, a conversation, or a lovely book") -- there should be a working, stable internet connection in every room, not just in the main gathering space. As it was, you had to sit in the freezing foyer on an uncomfortable bench to do any reasonable internet business or work. Don't tell me I have to talk to someone or read a book in my free time. I'm a grown up. Zero stars for this. Cheers!
By Steven H for Reclaim the Center: a yoga + meditation retreat in Portugal on 20 Apr, 2022
Above and beyond all expectations - though the weather was a little chilly (early April), the location (Cocoon Portugal) was idyllic and the food was incredible, the meditation, yoga practice, and pilates bootcamp - just WOW - the overall experience literally defined what a PERFECT RETREAT looked and felt like in real life. Jared, Rebecca, Alison, and Jason + Cocoon Portugal, Anton, Tony = these people held such a warm embrace and a holistic container for us to heal and to just be. Thank YOU so much!
By Joy K for Reclaim the Center: a yoga + meditation retreat in Portugal on 18 Apr, 2022