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It was an awesome week. The Como Uma resort was lovely and the schedule was comfortably active. I enjoyed getting to know the group and we were quite compatible. We had great meals and the flexibility to enjoy many local activities. Classes were held in a beautiful studio venue overlooking the jungle. Fabulous!
Wonderful trip in every way. Will be returning next year.
Dear LInda and Leroy, Thank you very, very much for sharing this amazing experience with me. Everything about it was special. I loved Amansala! You both are delightful and wonderful. The entire experience was a trip of a lifetime and I will forever cherish each and every moment! XO Kirsten
Absolutely amazing! The resort was fantastic. Yoga and pilates took place in a beautiful studio overlooking a gorgeous view of the ocean. The food was great. It was so fun to get to know the others in the group. Fabulous!
Everything about this trip was amazing!!! The accommodations, food, and of course the wonderful classes by Linda and Leroy. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I was able to take time for me in a beautiful environment, while surrounded by amazing people. The connections made were such a special bonus and I already have my calendar marked for next year!!!!
First class trip. It's challenging to find words which convey the essence of our trip to Bali. The resort was first class, with beautiful accommodations, a 25M lap pool, spa, delicious meals and attentive staff. Bali itself is warm, the people very friendly and the scenery and experiences range from exciting to meditative. From hikes through the rice fields, delicious food with lots of variety and the best 3 hours of yoga / pilates every day, the trip was a perfect 10. Thanks to Linda for guiding us through special meditations for the trip, to Sam for pushing us through her classes and to Melissa and Miquela for stepping up when the need arose. Would like to attend again in the future!
Very nicely organized trip with Linda to beautiful Bali! It was my first time to a yoga retreat, as well as to the island. The resort's accommodations and service exceeded expectations. Yoga and hot pilates sessions were amazing. We had plenty of time to explore Bali and go on excursions. Highly recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys yoga or hot pilates and is looking for a nice reset in a beautiful country. Thank you, Linda!
This is an amazing retreat, in an amazing location, with amazing instructors. You. Must. Go. It's life altering. HIGHLIGHTS The hotel Como Uma is a paradise within a paradise. It's comfortable, easy going, serene, and impeccably manicured. The yoga Linda is clearly in her happy place in Bali, which means the yoga is an out-of-this-world experience. The yoga studio Three sides open to nature, surprisingly pleasant breezes right when you need them. A studio like no other. The Hot Pilates Sam shows no mercy. Expect to work - hard - and be totally giddy with happiness because of it. The group This is my third retreat with Linda. Always an amazing group of people. Good company and a great vibe. Four Hand Massage Yes, it exists. Yes, it's amazing and like nothing you've done before. Go to Putri Spa across the street and be enlightened. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW The Town (Ubud) The town is in an artistic area, close to the spiritual heart of the island. It's a 20min walk from the hotel, or an easy $5 USD taxi ride. Shopping is prolific and prices negotiable. Food Bali has everything, including an amazing cuisine all it's own. You will eat like royalty and burn it all away in class. The Elephant, about a 10min walk south from the hotel is excellent, with a great view. Hotel breakfast has tons of options and it's all good. Poolside bar has everything you could want if you're too tired to go out, including a juice menu. IT'S ALL GOOD! Water Plenty of bottled water is available at the hotel. Use it. The Yoga Studio has a large 5 gallon dispenser, perfect to refill for workouts and day trips. Weather Expect 85F as the standard day time temp. Various weather mixes up the day, so you can have rain, sun, and refreshing breezes at any given moment. Prices Your money goes a long, long way in Bali. Pack light so you have room to take lots of stuff home. Massages Heavenly and inexpensive. At least half or a third of the price you're used to. Hotel massages are wonderful. Putri across the street is comparable and less expensive. You can't go wrong, but you may have to experiment. Bugs You are in a jungle, so expect more bugs than you're used to in the USA (even Florida) and in more places. That said, not a single bug bite on me. Repel Dry (10% DEET) gave us the comfort of protection, with minimal chemicals, and no greasy or smelly residue. Medicines Bring them, like Pepto, Immodium, etc. You probably won't need them, but having them will give you a level of comfort. It's a jungle and a foreign biome that your body may or may not have to adjust to. Adventure There is lots to do in Bali, from elephant refuges to Monkey Forests, to temples and ceremonies, beaches, hikes, and amazing food, and shopping....lots of shopping. You'll be busy if you want to be, and not busy if you don't. Time Give yourself plenty of time to get where you want to go. Roads are narrow and traffic heavy (but fluid). To go 7 miles can take 30-45 minutes. Beaches are an easy 1.5 to 2 hours away. Don't let it stop you, but plan accordingly. In all, this is the retreat you want and are looking for. You will have a new body, a new mind, and a new outlook.
What a fantastic experience! The resort was lovely, and the yoga space amazing! The people of Bali are wonderful - warm and inviting. There is so much to do on the island. Everything from laying at the beautiful pool with delicious tea, to amazing animal experiences, to sunrise hikes up a mountain (complete with breakfast made in the steam from the volcano!). And of course, the classes from Sam and Linda were top notch. Linda's love and respect for the island and its people are so clear and made me love the trip even more!
Amazing trip- I LOVE Linda and Sam, so they made the trip extra special.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Paris with Linda and Sarah. It is an experience that I will hold dear to my heart for a long, long time. I wish that more yoga activities were involved to reach the full value of the cost of the retreat. We practiced physical yoga for 1 hour each day. Most yoga retreats involve other yoga work like meditation, pranayama/breath work, intention setting, workshops, etc. and could add up to at least 3 hours per day. The quality of the classes led by Linda were wonderful and the savasanas were truly divine. The space where we practiced was not what I had expected based on what was advertised but the room was nice and had lovely natural lighting. The art/museum tours were fascinating. It is apparent that Sarah is incredibly passionate about art and it felt more like a storytelling experience rather than informative speech. The museums chosen for the tour were top notch. Breathtaking experience! We had plenty of free time to explore Paris on our own and to visit other museums not on the schedule. I wish we had done more as a group, like a special dinner planned in advance for one of the nights or something fun. I also would have appreciated an intro/orientation type session since I didn't know anyone or anything about Paris. I would've liked to learn everyone's names and what drew them to this particular retreat. Luckily, I made an instant friend with one of the participants. She showed me the ropes, taught me French etiquette and always made sure I had a sandwich in hand after yoga. Overall, it was a lovely experience. I am now familiar with Paris and more knowledgable about some of my favorite artworks and artists. Thank you for organizing this trip Linda and Sarah! You are both beautiful and awesomely talented!
Review : Yoga in Paris with Linda – 4 stars overall 1. The Yoga (quality – 5 stars / music – 5 stars) This is what the original flier stated with the pictures attached. http://www.yogasourcelosgatos.co/retreats/paris “Practice vinyasa every day in a historic gallery, which aptly hosts art exhibits and fashion shows.” -Linda and I talked about how the company made it hard to reserve this and I get that. - 75 or 90 minutes per day would have allowed for more yoga while also maintaining the free time available in the afternoon. -The music selected was excellent and truly enhanced the class. -There were not yoga mats available to participants as advertised in the original flier. -The shower / bathroom facilities were excellent. 2. Community – 2 stars YogaSource mission: Our mission is to create a home for the practice of hatha yoga that encourages each student's individual growth while fostering a sense of community and friendship. -I believe this same goal could be accomplished in a "trip setting" by having a non-yoga meet and greet / reception so we can hear each other's stories about why we are there. -Also, if one "social media"app was used, perhaps we could''ve had better communication. I felt sad not to have shared a meal with the group, or really known where other people were going / what they would visit. Not to keep tabs, but to have a shared and individual experience with more communication. -We did take a group photo after the last yoga class, but several participants had already left Paris. Maybe next time, we could do a photo during the third class, when for sure the maximum amount of participants were there. 3. Time for exploring – 5 stars -The timing of art tours ending around 2pm or before was great. I would sacrifice 20-30 minutes for more yoga, but this was nice to have time to be in Paris and wander. 4. The art – 5 stars -Sarah’s (5 stars) passionate and rich storytelling brought the art to life. She is a 5 star class act. - The choice of museums was excellent and the chronological order of our touring helped me situate the works in context. I enjoyed myself immensely in Paris. The friend I made is a jewel of my experience. Getting to know Sarah (the art director) through her love of art and extending that to others was truly a joy to be a part of. Linda, I always find it sublime to be in your yoga classes - you have a way of transporting the ordinary into the fantastic, poses become magical and healing. Linda and Sarah, thank you for organizing this trip and for combining 2 parts of life that I adore : yoga and French !
I am so very grateful, Linda and Sarah, for this life-changing trip! You two are an amazing combination and I'm already making plans for Florence! Hope to see you spontaneously at YogaSource before then - thanks so very much! - Kathryn
Start to finish the PERFECT experience! Carrie and Linda we’re awesome in organization of everything!
Tulum is just the best for couples and those looking for a first class Mexico experience. Add in Linda for the best yoga on the planet and life is just perfect.
I had a wonderful time!! The hotel service, food, amenities and property were wonderful not to mention the daily yoga classes with Linda and Robyn. I enjoyed trying new types of yoga that I don't normally participate in at home. Of course, it also helped that our practice room was literally like a tree house overlooking the rainforest and a river. Absolutely amazing!!
I simply could not say enough about our yoga retreat. The accommodations were spectacular. I will never forget the daily practices with Linda and Robyn in the Yoga Pavilion overlooking the awesome scenery below. The people there were some of the most gracious I have met- all of this taking place in beautiful Bali; it is something I will reflect on for quite a time to come. Truly something you must experience. A big thanks to Linda and Robyn for an amazing week!
I'm happy to return back home after a week of Yoga Retreat in Paradise (Bali). "Be present and slow down" was my mantra, intention (sankalpa) and practice (sadhana) for last week in Bali. Everyday we practiced few hours of Yoga and Meditation in tropical forest, spent time with locals and walked in nature. I'm fully relaxed, renewed and recharged. During the Yoga retreat we enjoyed eating healthy delicious food and accommodation was excellent. Thank you for providing this awesome Yoga Retreat experience!
Best trip ever!!! Linda and Carrie are both very dedicated to their practice and it shows through their teaching. Classes were both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The resort staff and service was flawless. I'm definitely booking again! Worth every penny.
It was magical! Can't wait until next year.. Linda and Carrie are amazing, the food was fabulous and Tulum is my new favorite place to travel. I highly recommend it..... you wont be disappointed.
Well-organized trip! Linda and Carrie are among the best- by far the best I've ever encountered- yoga and hot Pilates teachers. The daily schedule was perfectly thought out and the location was divine. A transformative, fun, and memorable trip! Highly recommend!
It was an amazing trip. It was well planned and the hotel and staff was above my expectations.