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Maria Salomao Schmidt led us all on an amazing journey of discovery and self-discovery! The setting was lush and inspiring. It was the perfect blend of group coaching activities, active trips to beautiful sights and plenty of fresh, healthy and authentic food. I experienced a peace I hadn't felt in a long time, new connections to my inner heart and made new friends that "get me". I highly recommend Maria as a life coach who intuitively guides each person to where they need to be. Apr 04, 2019
Magical! This was a most amazing week of magical moments, incredible beauty, fanyastic food, rich relationships, exceptional experiences, and personal growth. Maria faciliated what can only be described as a perfect retreat. Work sessions and "fieldtrips" flowed seemlessly and our hosts were an ideal complement to Maria's work. "Yes, please, may I have another?!"
Since retreat Maria has not returned my messages. So sad.
Wow! We all need to absorb more of this - the beauty of nature, the passion to help one another, the freedom to be yourself while connected to all. Experience this for your body and heart!
This was a fabulous, life changing experience for me! The location was beautiful and relaxing - it definitely added to the experience. The food was delicious and lovingly prepared. I have zero complaints and would highly recommend this retreat to others.