This trip exceeded my every expectation. Maria is a truly gifted yoga instructor, and she spared no effort to make the trip comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. The Sedona Mago resort is magical. The group of women on the trip were fun and easygoing. I’m so glad I went to this trip — highly recommend Maria’s retreats for all yogis!
The best. Dynamite combination of yoga and meditation with Maria and creative writing with Emily. Restful and energizing at the same time. My lingering sinus infection symptoms disappeared! Twice-a-day yoga must have done it. And I thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing sessions, re-experienced memories from the past that flowed onto the paper with ease. Magical. Lovely group of people, pleasant surroundings and delicious food capped it off. So glad I experienced this!
Maria planned a fantastic weekend that had me feeling relaxed, centered, and rejuvenated. Events were planned well to allow for ample free time for reading, writing, or hiking. I never felt rushed. Even the rainy cool weather didn't get us down! Ross' food was spectacular and accommodating of all dietary needs.
It was a wonderful, relaxing time (after the adventure of getting there!) and never a dull moment. Never enough time to do everything. Would love to go back!!!! PS Dramamine for the ferry and any boating is a must and so glad Maria put it on her list!!!
My experience with Maria and all her retreats I’ve attended have been amazing. Mind, body, soul, gratitude, love, peace, mindfulness... Her presence is filled with laughter, love, awareness and much more. I return home with a reinforced appreciation for humanity, the environment and my heart is abundant with love and appreciation. Maria is Goddess Supreme in my world. Love her to the moon and back. ??